Thursday, March 12, 2015

Three Things Thursday

The spring weather is springing forth like the damn clocks on Sunday.  I'm still not recovered from that lost hour of sleep.

When I opened up this post I had three things top of mind and now that the post is open and I'm typing, I'm clueless.

Oh yeah

1)  vocabulary.  In an effort to "tart up" the jackasses I work around we've all subscibed to a word a day thing.  Not many of them stick.  This one did, of course it did.

noun: borborygmus; plural noun: borborygmi
  1. a rumbling or gurgling noise made by the movement of fluid and gas in the intestines.
So when I sat down with my lunch of some sort of taco salad created by the cafeteria, it started flying...  the banter, not the gas. 
Of course a little googling around and wouldn't you know a comic...
Fitting considering we work on a research campus
2) it is a small small world.  Jennifer went to Chariho High School, as did her brother, some how it came up in conversation that many of the fast runners in the Westerly Track and Athletic Club are Chariho graduates.   
3) no good deed goes unpunished.  I was attempting to solicit some support for a project out of headquarters.  In my notes I put "commitment issues, finding someone new"  meaning, the person was upfront and said Beth, I can't, I'll find you someone who can.  I forwarded my Excel spreadsheet list of 'champions' and notes to the team leader to let her know where I was with the project.  Well, she forwarded this on, to let the rest of the team know good progress was being made, and then my phone starts ringing.  First, a call with the persons boss about the 'uncooperative' person.  Then a follow up call with persons bosses boss to make sure that what I said I meant by what I wrote was the truth.  Holy guacamole.  I'll never get that time back. 

Beth, happy it is Thursday!

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