Monday, July 8, 2013


Slug = Me on Sunday.

Hubb got up and left by dunno 6:30 a.m. to go on a bike ride in Acadia.  He ushered the dogs out of the bedroom by feeding them.  I promptly went back to sleep.  With the AC in the bedroom and the AC in the living room and kitchen downstairs the smart dogs, Gizzy and Gus, stayed down stairs, Jax came up and I found him sleeping out side of the bedroom when I got up at oh 8?  SLUG!  I think he was hoping to wrestle.  This is his fun thing, but only with me, wrestling in the bed.  He loves it.  Hubb tries to get him to wrestle with him, no dice, this is what Jax and Beth do and there are no ifs ands or buts about it.  I felt kinda bad for the little guy and we wrestled a bit but I really was ready to be up and get something done with what was left of the morning.  I wonder if he tried banging on the door and I didn't even notice?

The plan was to get up with Hubb and get in those two miles I shorted myself on Saturday on the beach.  Mentally I just wasn't having anything of it.  2 miles, really Beth, no big deal.

Cleaning seemed to be what I wanted to do...  I seriously need to get some therapy.  Piles of junk in the guest room were sorted and pitched into a pile for Good Will or put away.  Found the place mats and napkins that were re-homed while we were painting the dining room.  Discovered a pile of coats.  I think I mentioned my coat addiction.  I was able to part with 2 of the 5.  Pillows were put away, blankets and quilts stored in the trunk they have been piled on for months. A few things were put into a 'think about it' pile. I think this is called nesting, not being a slug?

Then I took a shower.  And loaded the Good Will stuff into the car.  Thought about going into Groton to drop it off and decided I had plenty of other things to do to avoid those two miles that seemed to be scaring me for some reason?

I didn't go so far as to dust, that would DEFINITELY mean I need therapy.  Lemme tell you about the dust issues in this house.  Hubb is a luthier.  Not a Lutheran a luthier he is Catholic actually...

Anyhoodles this process of instrument building, well he hasn't built one in 3 or 4 years, TYVM economy.  What he has been selling is the wood.  People aren't interested in purchasing a finished bluegrass mandolin but they are interested in trying to make their own and for the small shops still in business Hubb sells great Red Spruce tonewood for mandolins and guitars as well as carved tops and backs....  He has a logging buddy who helps him cut down the trees in the Baskahegan forest in Brookton, ME.  One or two a year depending on what he needs to stock.


Even with a dust collection system it is ridiculous.  I gave up years ago and do the bare minimum.  I'm angling for a maid service, let's just say it isn't working...

Where was I going with all of this....

Oh my run today... 

Stellar, actually.  The temps and the dew point had me a little freaked out, what IS my problem, but I had time between 10 and 12 to run.  I didn't get up with the alarm at 5:30.  Slug.   Chris in the fitness center wished me luck on the run, with trepidation I opened to door to the great outdoors.  Not bad, really not bad.

Decent weather really, and that 10 MPH was off the water!!

I had 3 on the schedule for today,  easy peasy,  by the 1.5 mile mark I felt good and decided to run the 2 I shorted myself on Saturday.  Running along the water helps immensely, I'm sure.  My pace wasn't stellar but it wasn't horrible and I felt really great after the run and bounced back to my desk pretty pleased with myself.

Beth, pleased and welcomes the NYC rest day tomorrow!


  1. First, I can't believe you made a good will pile and then actually put it in the car and took it to good will!!!! I have two bags of clothes sitting in my bedroom for exactly one week now. No really! In front of my dresser and I have to walk around it to get underwear and socks! TMI? Sorry! Second, great job on getting it done! We are both pretty hard on ourselves and I think we should stop it! It is hot and it is ugly and that makes it hard. We will get through this weather just like we always do! Looking forward to Thursday!

  2. BLS, Suzan & I have had GW piles located throughout the house for years. Some might call it hoarding. Maybe we need a red car to actuate delivery? Don't even ask about the dust.