Thursday, July 25, 2013

iPod Shuffle Down

Firstly, I should really be sleeping in preparation for tomorrows Blessing run. Or rather sufferfest.   Although I think Galoob's sufferfest may have been one, more fun, two more awesome, and three more pretty. 

Ah doesn't that make you feel all nice and cool, with a side of thigh/bum burn?

Alas, I am not...

I killed another iPod shuffle, drown this one on my run on Sunday.  Dagnabit...  

Last year the iPod shuffle died mid way through the Blessing, (it got all weird at the end of the Jamestown half)  this was during the time when I was absolutely resolved to never run without music...  that has changed, a bit, bordering on a lot...  I am now convinced (or wanting to be convinced) the music is what slows me down.  There must be a DSM classification for this, right?

So, honoring the tradition of nothing new on race day, I will bring the new iPod shuffle with me.  But may or may not use it...  after spin class tonight, I may not meet my sub 1:40 goal, or I may, who knows.  Life like running, for me anyhow, is a big game of craps.  Sometimes you roll 7 or 11 other times 2, 3, or 12...  Good or bad depending on how you bet, right?  Pass/ Don't Pass...

Good luck to all those racing the Blessing tomorrow.  I'm running for the free beer and camaraderie of Nicole and friends!!!  Oh yeah, and dessert!!  Always dessert!

Cannoli and Toffee from Crumbs, NYC

Beth, who probably should be a little concerned about the Blessing, but isn't, and won't be until she's in the finish chute.


  1. Damn, I forgot all about the free beer. That's excellent. What do we do? Trade that sliver at the bottom of our bib for it?