Saturday, July 6, 2013

Summer Fun... (Yes, Sheldon, that is Sarcasm)

Sometimes you set yourself up to meet expectations.  I certainly did today!

I left the house just after 7, I know, late for a longish run, I was figuring there would still be decent shade on the way back and I'd be home 9:30 at the latest, 11 miles.  I have no doubts in my mind I can run the 11, can I run it at my usual 5 mile pace, now? Ha, hardly.  Eventually, with work, yes.

Doesn't look THAT bad...
By the end of the first mile, just on Mechanic Street, starting to really sweat, oh this is not going to be good, why isn't CC O'Brien's open? Well at least no one tried to kill me in the crosswalk, so I've that going for me!

Slogging on, there was shade and I did feel pretty good, albeit a little tired (went to bed late, maybe should have only had one beer, not three) and when I was done with this run the rest of the day would be mine and it wouldn't even be 10 a.m. how cool was that?

If it hadn't been for the family walking 3 abreast along Greenhaven I wouldn't have, or is it of, done the out and back on Riverside Drive.  Why?  Who knows, I musta not wanted to pass them? This gets me to about 5 miles and I had reconciled myself to 'finishing up this shit show at the beach tonight' ok so I'm a little hard on myself.  I debated the 2 mile out and back on Stewart, it is shady Beth, and there might be a breeze, you will get to see Ernesto (the steer, a friends son has one named Ernesto so now all steers are named Ernesto, it works in my mind ok?)  no dice, even the road bikers racing up Greenhaven didn't  motivate me to make that left turn.  I waited for them to pass and took the right onto Mary Hall and just as I was back on River Road, maybe a 1/10th of a mile past Mary Hall, there were the road bikers.  Woosh, Woosh, Woosh....

Between miles 8 and 9 were bargaining, walk the shade run the sun, run the sun walk the shade eventually turning into run a song walk a song and why the heck do I NOT have In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida (Iron Butterfly) on this iPod?  THAT would be the PERFECT walking song.  Then again, what if it came up as the running song?  Hmmm....

Through the shady Wilcox Park and stop and wait for the WALK

Ok, so it wasn't snowing, but makes you feel a little cooler, no?
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And I ran (ok it was more like a fast walk) up the hill to home.  I'm a glutton for punishment that way...

Nothing ever felt so good as the cool vestibule.  In reality this is one of the hotter 'rooms' in the house, what with the sun beating in on the front porch and all.  To me it was delightful.  Then I went into the three rooms we have Air Conditioned.  So happy Hubb and I wrestled that thing into place last night. Remember the signs that used to be above the doors of shops that had air conditioning?

Yep, these!
It was bliss.  I yanked the frozen towel from the freezer and stuck it under one pit then the other, nice, cool and refreshing.  Grabbed some water and did a little walk up and down the block with my frozen towel, ah.

Oh and here are the gory details, and thanks Strava, no achievements on this run, really? I think the achievement is:  I didn't die.  Right JoAnn?

Beth, concerned that it isn't even 90 and I'm melting... this truly is sad.


  1. Didn't die is a good thing! I am hoping not to die later when I bang out 7. I plan to run to the beach, and if need be, jump in the ocean why I wait for my ride back home. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

  2. Pit Towels!! Totally stealing that idea!!