Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Lead Ass

Tuesday - Dog Watch 5K Fun Run - Recap

OMG my legs felt like they weighed 50 lbs each.  A little DOMS from Spinning, perhaps?  Still with the heat and my lead glutes and quads I managed a 31:22.  Ro said, "Oh let's run together, what a 9:30 - 10 pace?"  Sure I was all in for that pace...  (yeah yeah, my final was a 10:16 but note the first mile was a 9:46.)  I peeked at the watch and we were at a 9 at about the 1/2 mile mark.  Oh this isn't going to work, and who the hell filled my ass with lead?  I let Ro and Winston take off, bye bye.  Then the mind games start.  I obviously run to slow if mind games happen in a 5K?  Figured oh I'll just do one lap and call it a day.  One lap came and went and yeah, you know I finished the full 5K.  I'm nothing if not predictable?

Ro and Winston finished at a 27 something, yeah, no doubt about that! We had a nice chat after the run, good to have some time to get to know her a bit better!!  Funny how water seeks out its own level.

Don finished with a 24 something and was off to dinner with his bride and a fellow co-worker.  Who BTW blocked me in!?!?  Coming up to the Dog Watch on the first lap I saw that white SUV behind Vinnie and thought, oh what butt munch parked me in?  Oh CT plates and Kayak rack, nice one Inge!!

Mike was probably what a 20? Haven't seen the Strava report, yet!

In other news, the middle Boxer boy celebrates his 6th year today, in Boxer years Gus aka Death Breath is officially an adult!  We can only hope there is a teensy bit of maturity in this breed that truly are the clowns of the dog world.

This is what I see pretty much every a.m. he lines up just before the alarm goes off an wags his little stump of a tail making his head do a cute little shake.  He is never quite certain WHAT he needs, could be to cuddle, yeah! Could be to go out, ugh I have to get up, really? Could be to yawn, blech, pull the covers over my head.

Beth, debating if the effort to move 100 lbs of lead is worth it or she should just curl up on the couch...


  1. Couch it up! I'm sidelined (sort of) and living vicariously through your blog :), so thanks!!!

    1. Sounds awful. Sorry no run to report on tonight. I don't think I could have managed it although the weather cooperated. It will be a sufferfest tomorrow night in Narragansett.

  2. BLS, the smile on your face when you came in the restaurant to tell Inge it was time to move the damned SUV was priceless! Hard to believe the forecast for today is hotter than Tuesday. Onward and upward!

    1. I bet!! I probably could have wiggled Vinnie out of the spot, the car next to me was gone. Great night, and let's hope for cooler weather!