Saturday, July 27, 2013

Blessing of the Fleet - Recap

I signed up for this fully anticipating this to be a humid and hot sufferfest... and yet again Mr. Potter, your killing me here...   Not being one to pay attention to the news or weather, I was prompted to check the weather as I was informed I would not be eating the WTAC crew's dust, but their rooster tail as they sped through the puddles.   HA!!

The plan was to meet up with the gals, and leave the husbands to tend to the children and the beer as the women ran.  I asked hubb if he was interested, and he was ok with the idea.  I am thankful to have a portable go with the flow partner.  We did introductions of the hubbs and took off for the starting line and to meet up with another runner!

Ladies who Run

I saw another one of the runners I blog stalk, looking very serious as he made his way to the starting line. I called out his name and he stopped dead in his tracks, hopefully I didn't derail his concentration.  But seriously, it was nice to put a name and a face together, finally!!  Can't wait to read about how you killed this race.   Eventually I'll track down (congratulations on killing last years time) every last one of you!!  Muwahaaa....

Ok so the run 10 miles, not a shitshow or sufferfest...  But for a Friday after a long work week flat run, it was challenging!

Monia of Insert Witty Running Pun Here and I ended up pairing up for the first 5 miles.    We did the typical with the Blessing and went out too fast for mile 1 (9:16)  With a bazillion runners and even starting more towards the middle you get caught up in the excitement and the gradual downhill to the water.  Gain of 13 feet loss of 47 feet.

Mile 2, 10:39, gain of 45 feet loss of 8 feet, ok, that is a better pace.  Love being able to chat with Monica,  we had Laura and Mary in our sights, and Nicole and Jennifer right with us.

Mile 3, 10:00, gain of 16 feet loss of 58 feet, ah hitting our stride, I wanted to be around a 10 minute mile, still keeping the pace with every one, Jackie is way out in front of us, as expected!!

Mile 4, 10:13, gain of 16 feet loss of 21 feet, on target, we were both feeling pretty good, 

Mile 5, 10:27, gain of 16 feet, no loss, it was at this point Monica bowed out and I was left to move forward alone.  Along the most boring part of the race until...

Mile 6, 10:23, gain of 52 feet, no loss, finding my solo stride, and we are in my favorite part of this course, in the trees. 

Mile 7, 10:10, gain of 8 feet, no loss, ahhh... and getting back into civilization

Mile 8, 10:29, gain of 21 feet, loss of 58,  seriously Beth, what is going on, suck it up princess

Mile 9, 10:01, gain of 8 loss of 12 feet, well I did get to see my hubb!!

Mile 10, 10:05, gain of 16 loss of 60 feet, really Beth, that is a big loss, whimp.

1:43:04 (2012: 1:45:51) not bad!

We look wicked cute, really we did run hard!!

This was my second year running this race.  And I'll say the finish chute was so much more well managed and the runners got a chance to walk a bit before the onslaught of spectators milling around with their umbrellas, prams, kids in tow...  So I didn't feel so much like screaming or wiping my drenched body against their nice dry clean clothes.  Ok, yes, I am a bitch...  and really Potter, this would have been the race to show up to!

We managed to get out to the rendezvous point... trying to round up a herd of women is well, challenging...  somehow Monica and I managed to miss them!!!  Oh well, we took the long walk back.  Ding dong here, the one who gets lost on fairly well marked trails led the 1.5 mile walk back....  yeah, we should have taken the bus to the HS, don't judge, I am not known for making the best decisions!!

All in all the double rainbow over the finish line tells it all.  

Peeking at the results it looks like the WTAC guys met their goals great job guys!!!!  And happy belated birthday to Jeff I see you bumped up to +3 from me versus the +2 from previous races.   Long live those born in the 1960s!!!

Beth, up way to late past her bedtime...  old people need their sleep.


  1. Great job! Hopefully I'll run into you at one of these races.

    1. Yes! Someday! You did awesome!!

  2. Congrats! Nice race. It was nice seeing/meeting you (finally). No worries re: concentration--I'm oblivious to the world before and during any race of any distance.

    See you at the next one (Surftown?).


    1. Surftown for sure! Awesome job, you met your goal and then some!!

  3. Beth, you are very observant on ages! Thanks for the wishes, and nice race out there.