Friday, July 12, 2013

Catching up!

Ok so how many of you were inspired to take in YOUR Goodwill piles?  Funny how that stuff sort of stacks up in a corner and/or on the guest bed...

Per usual the week gets away from me to keep up with the blog.  Quite a few late nights does that to a person.  

Now I'm catching up and trying a new font!

Tuesday was NYC, even with the heat and humidity I wasn't going to miss the opportunity to get outside for lunch.  I took a walk up 41st  on, yep,  Library Way.  Very cool.  I am sure I was annoying as I stopped to read many of the quotes and take a picture of a few.  I hardly care if I look like a tourist.  Which I doubt,  because I am not wearing capris and Teva sandals, right Heidi?  There is just so much beauty to see and appreciate in the city. I love it when I have the opportunity to take a walk at lunch absorb what I can around my office.  Sadly I missed the Dog Watch Fun runs.  Next week!

Can you name the location?

Wednesday I started tri training.  Well, if hanging out in the pool with some girlfriends and swimming a bit counts!  I’m really not a big fan of the water and her pool is 5 feet deep at the deepest part and perfect  for treading water, which I’m fairly good at.  We polished off a few bottles of wine, our share of chicken,  lots of grilled veggies and grilled fruit.  YES!  Grilled fruit, apples, pears, peaches, and pineapple are the best, cut them up, soak in some Captain Morgan spiced rum and a little honey and grill 'em. YUM!  There may have been a strawberry shortcake!  Someday I’ll get up the nerve to train for a tri.  That whole swimming thing,  I can swim, my mother made sure of that.  But as to doing it with any skill or speed, hardly. 

With a side of strawberries, of course!

I did get a run in before lunch, 3 was going to do it because I knew I had a longer run on Thursday.  I’m getting more used to the heat/humidity/dew point factors and this one felt really good.  Soaking wet and only out for 31 minutes…  wowza.

Thursday night Nicole suggested we meet up with a couple more of her running friends to run 8 in Narragansett.  Sure, why not.  I know one of the gals is a speed demon in the short distances but just wanted a nice easy longish run a few weeks out before the Blessing of the Fleet Ten Mile Road Race.  So off the 5 of us went, trying to figure out how to run in pairs and not have one person be alone!  Of course I wave at everyone I see and running along the sea wall in Narragansett a persons arm could fall off!  I could just hear Nicole say, oh she waves at every one.  This launched into a discussion on what is your signature wave (which started as the 'signature move' from Seinfeld).  Really helped break the ice,  get us all laughing, and remove any apprehension anyone may have had.

Do you wave at other runners, walkers, bikers, people in cars?

I think I do with just about everyone I see. And definitely all the cars I see along my long run routes.  Occasionally someone waves back, other times not so much.  To each their own!  I always love when the driver of a car sticks their hand out and does a thumbs up!  And if they flip me off, well then, again, to each their own!

This was a great run.  I was a little apprehensive, I think we all were. I am really pleased with this run, it was super fun to run in a group and I was amazed at how smooth our pacing was.  Everyone gets tired at different points and slow down but having someone else getting a second wind was great!  Seriously I had no idea it would be this fun.  At the end we were all winded and sweaty and had big smiles on our faces at our accomplishment after our busy busy days getting in an 8 mile run in the heat and humidity (thank you to the sun for staying behind the clouds)! 

Nicole, Jackie, and I went to the Coast Guard House for a Narragansett Summer Ale and some chips.  

Friday, oh how I welcomed today, finally a bit of a break.  HA!  Famous last words.  What is it with the Friday in-box clean out?  Either answering questions or a tome on why they can't meet a deliverable date after I've reminded them twice... I'll get to it on Monday if it didn't need to be done today, blargh.

Picked up my bib for the Jamestown Half tomorrow and now it is time to get some sleep!

Once I see this, I know I will be close to the end, and damn that hill at mile 13~
Beth, wowed by how time flies

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