Thursday, July 4, 2013

Camire's Firecracker Four Miler - Recap

To those of you who made it through my tome of July 3, 2013, congratulations, and thank you!

Special thanks to John for his comment before this a.m.s race that I write nearly as well as JB.  Truly a compliment.  I enjoy Muddy's's style and humor. And NO to your last blog post, you should not have backed off on PT and core strengthening.  Have to admit when I don't hit my minimum of 3x per week on mine I wonder if you are keeping up on yours. 

Today's race was a four miler for the fourth, the 20th year and last year of the race.  It was an out and back lollipop.  I really do like these kind of races. Why? to see who is going to be the front runner...   Matty P in this case. Nicole was clear this was going to be our regular Thursday run.  Awesome, a nice 10:30 pace.  Crutch gave me the low down that this is a deceiving course, even though they are rolling hills (relentless is more like it, but not steep, just never ending) there is a gradual down hill for the first two miles then it is up hill till the finish don't start out too fast.  We are clear this is an out and back, right? So the down hill becomes an uphill.

Best race shirt EVER!
First mile (10:26) - Nicole and I caught up on her camping trip and I told the story of Hubb and my first camping trip, as a couple.  It involved a tornado, monsoon rains, the tent taking flight, and a trip to the emergency room.  We've camped since and even married him, not being one to shy away from adventure.  Fortunately Nicole's first camping trip was not as exciting.

Second mile (10:56) - And we spied Matty P and several other people we know, Justin, Jeff, Mike, John, Peter, Claire, Matthew, Allison, Jackie clapped and cheered them on!  Great job!!!  This always makes me want to speed up but I remembered, pace yourself. 

Third mile (10:56) - Nicole said "go on, I need to walk"  so this is where you wonder if the rule of threes apply.  No, she was serious.  Immediately each of us regretted our decision.  She kept me in her sights for a while and ran with another runner, Wayne who has run over 900 races!  Holy Cow!  I forged on.

Fourth mile (9:50) - There we go, one mile left and just go Beth, go.  The sun was starting to come out, the breeze was gone (as pitiful as it was when it was there it was very welcome) the humidity seemed to be spiking.  So very grateful for the people out with hoses.  Finally, I saw that damn finish line.  I swear that is THE longest part of the race and that finish line keeps inching forward DARING you to cross it!

42:10  (10:33 pace)  I'm happy with my time.  And I had negative splits.  While I still wanted to die the last mile, it wasn't as hard as it could have been!

See slowly down then slowly back up with some 'rolling' hills

Nicole, Jackie, and I had some breakfast and great conversation!  

Happy fresh faces from 1) being done and 2) endorphins!

Hubb was just getting back from his bike ride when I got home.  He got home first, so he gets the shower first and decided to torture me by fiddle farting around.  Thanks hon.  Well I did need to stretch.  My hip is tight from my SI joint alignment issues and I can feel the numbness down my left thigh.  Ugh, I only took a week off from the PT exercises well that and two 12 hour days driving and a bed I'm not used to didn't help.  I know I can't right it in a matter of days, slow and steady.  I did what I needed to do and things feel better for it.  The dogs helped, of course.

As we don't have AC or any parties to go to Hubb decided a matinee fit the bill for the afternoon.  Yeah!!  Despicable Me 2, HYSTERICAL and Hubb commented they perfectly captured what I looked like in the a.m.  Awwww what a guy, puffy heart!

Not the guy on the left...
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Happy Fourth of July to everyone!  Hope your races or runs went well!

Beth Thankful to live in the home of the free because of the brave


  1. Great job! And happy 4th to you!

  2. Glad to be of assistance, Beth! Great recap, that was a steamy day for sure!!!