Monday, July 15, 2013

Monday Blah Blah Blah

The beer situation at the homestead was resolved, pshew.  I know you were worried.  HA!  There was some nasty bottled Guinness  blech, Guinness is only good from the tap, and in a pinch the can with those nitrogen thingys in them. I've heard the real stuff is beyond excellent.   I'll save the bottled for chili or soup.  Then there were a couple bottles of Flying Dog Doggy Style, that tasted like old sweat socks smell.  What a disappointment.   I think it was skunked or who knows, does beer even actually skunk?  In any event an appropriate number of bottles of the old stand by Shock Top made it into the fridge.  There just is something about summer and beer.   My whiskeys are feeling a little left out, awww poor boys.

Happy for any suggestions on beer.  We've been sampling the menu at The Malted Barley, and enjoying that with our pretzel sandwiches when we can.  I do believe someone mentioned beer has excellent chromium replacement powers!  

Anyhoodles, enough on my alcohol obsession consumption....

Today I took my first ever Spin class.  It was AWESOME!!  Years ago I went to an intro to spin class to learn how to adjust the bike and tension and all that mechanical stuff but never went to class.  Looked like A LOT of work...  Well one of the gals I met through Don teaches spin at the gym at work.  Her usual class is Thursday at 4, and the thought of spin then running 5 miles with Nicole at 6 just seemed a little bit much, especially with this weather.  Well she taught today at noon, perfect.  I can cross train!  Fortunately I remembered how to adjust the bike and was able to copy what others were doing so I didn't look like a total newbie, at least I have the shoes and the shorts for outside biking!  Until a few people said "Beth what are YOU doing here? We usually see you going out to run."  Great...  "I figured I would try something new, I'll run in the snow and the rain but this heat, is ugh.."

Class was fun, I think I'm probably the last person on the planet to take spin?  I'll be back and now I am craving a road bike something fierce.  Hubb has been given instructions to figure out what are the best options.  Hey, he LIKES doing research and being involved.  For the record he is very against me road biking because of the danger factor with the drivers.  I'll give him that, but I do bounce off the mountain bike and nearly skewer myself on random branches, so what is the difference?   

So blah blah blah, I don't even have a picture to share to break up all the text.

Oh I got this FitBit Flex thing last month.  Essentially it is an expensive ($100) pedometer where you can track calories in (it gives you a reading of calories out based on your steps and other activities you add in), sleep, and water consumption  it will tell you calories out based on steps and activities you add.  And you can 'friend people and be a little competitive or inspirational.

What I like about it, being accountable for my steps.  I remember walking around the bedroom to get the last 1,000 steps in to meet the 10,000 standard goal!!!  I also like the sleep tracking.  There are very few nights I get more than 6 hours of sleep and I'm restless about 20 times a night. Good to know, not sure what to do with the data.  I did note that my restlessness dramatically dropped the first night home from my trip to MI and after we installed the AC in the bedroom.  Intuitively we know we sleep better in our own bed and in comfortable conditions, the validation was nice.  I love feeling that vibration and seeing all the lights light up when I reach my step goal.  I also discovered just how sedentary I am on my 'rest' days the thing prompts me to take a walk around the building at work or get up and move around the house doing something to meet that step goal.

Net net, for me, it is a toy and I really like it and don't regret purchasing it.   I can see how this can really get someone up and moving and being conscious about their food choices. The reward of the lights and vibration as well as the 'badges' you get for meeting different achievements.

Anyone out there have a FitBit in its various forms?  Nike Fuel Band?  Jabra?  Other?  Thoughts you care to share?

Beth, not really suffering from the Monday blahs, but just really wanted to catch you up!


  1. Jeez...I feel totally inadequate not doing spin...but I'll persevere with the trail sickness, and pray for a cure...maybe even spin to a trail? can I do that? I'm so lost :(

    1. Awww poor Crutch, you'll figure it out!

  2. wow - reading this makes me want to take that spin class and/or go drink a beer - i know who taut that class - Rosann, correct ?

  3. At the Barley: Ithaca Flower Power and BBC Deans Beans Nitro Coffee House Porter are un real.

    Try Uinta's Hop Notch as well (if you can handle/like hops).

    I'm available for consultation work w/ regards to beer. Fees are low (free beer). Schedule & times available upon request. :)