Sunday, February 9, 2014

Belleville Pond 10K - Recap and what actually happened on Saturday!

Saturday:  R: 15 (MM 20) / O:0 / W: 3   22 was on the schedule for Saturday.  Knowing the trails were in terrible shape I took a chance and went out to Belleville Pond to see if I could get in two laps.  HA!!  I got in 1 and took the more traveled road versus the race course and shorted myself on the fun of un-trampled snowy woods running.  Rats.  I put in a lot of effort for those 5.5 miles in 1 hour 45 minutes.  Still an all, even with Muddy Math this is probably 10 miles?  maybe 12 considering level of effort?  Not good enough.  Went home, changed into dry everything and headed back out on the roads for 9.  UGH. I could barely manage 11 minute miles and decided I'd accept nothing over 12, all was good until that last 1/2 mile home (12:55 - OOPS), all up hill.  I'm calling it 20 and happy with that, my hips and knees all had yes votes for it feels like 20...

Left is what I ran on Saturday 5.5 miles 1:45 - Right is the actual race course 6.2 1:32

I think my saving grace is walking Jax 3 miles after dinner, that really helped loosen up the stiffness.  Oh there may have been some Jameson and Vernors before bed, just to help me sleep.  You know nerves before the race in the a.m.  Bwahaaaaa...

During all of this running / hiking / walking and one think kept rolling around in my mind, well LOTS of stuff rolls around in my mind, this one is share-able.  Jim's post on unwilling versus unable I'm able sometimes I find myself unwilling.  Unwilling to run to the point I actually puke sort of unwilling.  I think the intent of Jim's post was not pushing oneself to that point, really determining what your motivation to quit or call it a day.  Anyhow, so I rationalized not hitting that actual 20 mile mark, or did I?  The thought of even one more mile was too much, I do this because I enjoy it, not because it pays the bills!  Always something rolling around in my mind as I run.  Cerebral runner?

Sunday: R: 6.2 / O:0 / W: 3  (8 miles on the schedule)

Belleville Pond 10K  Race #3 in the 4th Season Trail Race Series

UltraSignup had me finishing in an hour and change, I can't figure out how to get back to that page...  yeah, with no snow...

I was going to meet up with Monica of Insert Witty Running Pun Here fame!  This was her first trail race, yeah baptism by fire combine with drinking from the fire hose... I checked her shoes when we finally met up, low tread Merrils... she usually runs in Vibrams (they may have been a better choice?)....

Ran in to Eria and her husband, I have met up with Erica at a few of the trail races, Burrlingame Snowy Sufferfest '13 and Big River '13.  Glad to catch up again...  She ran her first 1/2 (Newport) and loved it.  So glad to hear.  She did the 10K at Big River that was a big step for her.  So happy to hear her progressing her running!  I'd love to hear more so this begs the question do I friend her on FB or no?  This is quite a conundrum to me.  When is this appropriate?  Friend me and I'll accept it, sending one out sends me spinning...  good grief, doesn't the company I work for make drugs for this condition?

Monica and I lined up at the back  I had no designs on anything but taking advantage of all the go getters to pack down the trail!  I ran this the day before and it was ankle twisting combined with hole punching through an inch of ice into powder - not so fun.  Plus I wanted to catch up with Monica.

About 0.7 in I stopped to wait for Monica, yeah, she was none to pleased, so I ventured on, passing a couple people who passed me.  Caught up with Erica's husband Pete, he dropped his gloves and was quite happy to have them back and let me go first...  when he caught up I always asked if he wanted to pass. No he was just fine with my pace.  He did ask how far, this was at 2.8.  I let him know.  He was good with hiking up the hills and running down the hills, I asked a few times wanna pass, nope...  At mile 3 I let him know, at mile 4 I let him know and then we got back to the trestle bed and we both got passed by someone apologizing far too much he even apologized at the finish line. No worries, you were going faster than us, pass away!!  Mile 5 beeped and I noted I no longer heard Pete behind me.  I did shout out 5, there was no one to hear it (much like there was no one to hear my laughter as I slogged through the areas only Johnny and Nate had run the Thur before the race).

It was kind of lonely and beautiful.  I spend so much time running alone I do love it very much and Ryan Park is so beautiful, quadrupled with the snow and the sun!

Eventually on to the rooty area, which I dread, fortunately it was covered with snow and very runable.

I was never so happy to see cyclone fencing, carefully following the well trod path to the finish.  1:32.  13 minutes faster than Saturday and I ran the right trail (0.7 miles more).  I'll call that a win.

Erica was waiting for Pete, we chatted while waiting.  Monica emerged, happy and smiling!  Happy to be under 2 hours!  What a slog for a first trail race.  Hopefully I will see her and James at Burlingame and there won't be so much snow.

WTAC took it for the win, obviously without my help.  John and Johnny tracked me down to pass along a beer!  Thank you!!  Crutch gave me two of his, one of them went to Monica. Thank you!

Finished!!  And seriously, two of the cutest girls ever (besides his gorgeous wife) and Crutch can't smile?

Beth, noodling willing versus able.


  1. The cyclone fencing was a sign of civilization!!!

  2. Great job on Sunday and awesome work getting the miles in on Saturday! Training's all about getting it done even when you don't want to!

  3. Beth - 3.5 hours of running on Saturday followed up by another 1.5 on Sunday is awesome 50K training. Well done!