Saturday, February 15, 2014

Epic Suffer Score

Really?  This mornings run felt nothing like epic.  It was a run.  I worked to stay at a steady easy pace especially up hills.  All in all  it was fun.  5 miles out to the beach and 5 miles back.  Quick stop to do something I've ALWAYS wanted to do, sit in that dorky huge yellow Adirondack chair on Winnapaug Road.

HA!  Kinda felt like Lilly Tomlin sitting in that chair!
Running is about fun, right?
So I meandered on my way back home, the short route home is about 3 miles, I meandered a bit to be sure and hit 10.  If I was a super stalker I'd of figured out where Gazelle lives so I could see the perverted snowman in the erp, flesh...

Oh good grief the delicious smells coming from the Gray Goose or wait, Goose something, breakfast/lunch place.  I was getting hungry as I didn't get moving until well after 10.  Good thing I didn't have any money on me I might have figured out what WOULD make me puke on a run...  Ok sorry, TMI...    Yeah yeah a 10:39 a.m. start is like mid afternoon for some people.  This run and some housework were all I planned on accomplishing today plus I wanted to give the icy roads a bit of time to melt.  I nearly lost my footing several times on the dog walk Fri night... yeah yeah, most people were already home and showered by the time I even got out the front door!   Phttt...  good on ya!!

Miles 8 and 9 are relentless slightly creeping upwards hills. I kind of dread these and kind of look forward to these all at the same time.  It is nearly the end of the run (or ride) and time to keep a fairly steady pace and home (and food) is close.  I did ok.  Well, better than ok, epic.

The last 1/2 mile the snow was spitting and by the time I got home, it was obviously snowing.   Pshew!  I love running in the snow, what I'm not a big fan of are the local drivers and the fact shoveled walks are far and few between forcing me into the road.

Strava won't load the HTML code - so this is what ya get...
OK I'd not call 10:53 average pace epic for me, but I guess this epic thing is based on heart rate?

Seems like I stayed in my tempo zone, so my 50K race pace and where I wanted to be, right?

All very curious to me and something to research as I'm recovering from hill work tomorrow.  Suggestions welcome!

Beth, kinda giddy with this epic thing and kinda not so sure it was earned...


  1. That's funny about the smells - I have the same inclination when I run by a restaurant during a run, suddenly it makes me feel like I'm starving!