Tuesday, February 18, 2014


So this small world thing keeps smacking me in the face.  Not in a bad way, at least not yet... fingers crossed.

I went out on Sunday to run hills, alone, kinda figured that would happen with the weather...  The neighbor shouts (because I have my earphone in and the music loud) "HEY!!"  I finally figure out that he is trying to get my attention.  I stop, and stop the space watch, I'm feet from home...

He: "You were at Belleville 10K"
Me: "Um yeah, Mike puts on a great race."  Delay delay delay as I frantically trying to think if I had a conversation with him, like ever, other than the usual him calling his unleashed dog away from my leashed dog.
He: "I'm training for Soapstone."
Me: oh crap, is this ringing bells, crap why does runner Beth talk to people, why can't she be like every other day Beth and just have safe polite conversations about the weather.  Safely says "Remind me, where is that trail?"
He: "Sommers, CT, there is this horrible hill, I don't know if I'm ready for it."
Me:  lights go on, his name is Tony, his wife's name is Lori (she is a quilter and we talk a lot in the summer), oh yeah, I vaguely recall him from Belleville.  "You'll be fine, have you run Burlingame?" (yeah, stall)
Tony:  "Grills."
Me:  "Oh yeah, I remember now."  (relief ok I sort of remember talking to him)
Tony: "Yeah I finished just before you.:
Me:  Pshew, he isn't one of the fast guys "Oh yeah, I remember now, it is all out of context for me. You were telling me how once you cross the bridge..." and he took over the conversation from there.

There is one house between him and I.  Amazing, they have lived there for 5 or more years?  He, like me is an Adult Onset Runner...

Start the space watch and venture out on my 6 miles with hills.  Up and down and up and down and well you can follow the Strava map, well if I could get the HTML to load... and I can't.   Crap...  help?  anyone?  I must have messed with something that needs to be unmessed with...

In my neighborhood, you can run up a hill and then down and then up and then down, it is kinda nice to not be really far from home.  I took off my YakTrax at the bottom of Oak (the long run up hill) and regretted it half way up and put them back on.  Seemed like it would be clear, it was not...  I should know better.  Pretty nifty comb, eh?

I felt kind of weird running down then up the hills as guys were shoveling out their driveways.  Um, Dave and I already took care of that before I went out for my run so erp it wasn't like I was wasting energy...  still and all, I got in a little work out before the real workout?

So that was Sunday.

Monday - rest day per my training plan.  I walked at lunch then took Giz for a walk.  He was a dog on a mission, what ever he did to his shoulder seemed to heal up.  We continue to be amazed at the resiliency of a 13 year old boxer.   TRX has been called due to a death.  Breast cancer, 55 years old, joined her twin brother who passed from brain cancer not even a year earlier.

Tuesday - Ro taught spin so it was 3 miles on the treadmill / spin / 2 miles on the treadmill.  She pushed me which was good 9:40 pace for me. The miles after spin were torture, my legs were really tired.  All in all a good workout.  A couple quarter miles at 8:30 pace all in all 9:40. No regrets!

Beth, and there you go, small small world.   Hear it is going to be in the 80's in Orlando this weekend, what a bummer....

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