Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Belleville Pond 10K - Recap

3rd in the Fourth Season Trail Race Series.

I placed 8th in my age group and 114th overall.  Overall results here. Everyone seems to list that, but I think it is because they finish much higher than me.  But hey, what the hell this is my pace and I own it.  Rhode Runner took over all winner.  The WTAC women took first, for women. Rhode Runner first, for men.  Sorry guys.  

This was a weird race, I got a late start out of the house as Gizmo was having anxiety issues  and Dave and I were running through the list of possible things he wants.  Eventually we figured it out and he settled in and it was ok to leave him.  For the non-pet guardians out there I know this is a difficult concept to grasp, if you are parents think colicky baby.  Gizmo is in the end stages of life, it could be weeks it could be months, I doubt he will make it to 16.  We are at the stage of evaluating his quality of life against the quality of life in his younger years.  Honestly he hasn't changed personality-wise in the last 13 years (we rescued him when he was 2).  Mobility-wise - major changes... this is the not so fun part.

All that aside, I saw Johnny briefly when I arrived 10 minutes before the start.  Then I saw Gazelle in bib pick up line.  Then Gazelle and Jeff before the start and chatted a bit when Galoob was giving race instructions and then whoops everyone started running and THEN the siren to cue us to start went off.  Just weird.  I think I saw Muddy. But not sure, he wasn't doing his usual monkey dance to warm up, but it looked like him...   No sign of Seth.  Carol Ann hip checked me in the porta potty line to say hi and tell me I was under dressed in shorts (and later to tell me she had the beers from the WTAC women's winnings). Denise didn't have on her usual jingle skirt.  See, just weird... 

Mile 1 (10:45), it was a mass start and the crowd thinned itself out and I found myself in a reasonable group of people to start, looking around I could tell who would drop back as the mile went on.  Yellow water bottle was one I pegged for dropping back and she did when her water bottle escaped from it's holder.  She and I passed back and forth for most of the race.  I think eventually she got a head of me.  I'm really not sure.  

Mile 2 (10:10) we got out of the single track, I stumbled a few times, didn't fall so that was good.  On to the trestle road and we all sped up.  Lou and his buddy passed me, and eventually they had to walk and I passed them.  I was really surprised by this.  It was the buddy's first trail race.  Eventually they got it all together and passed me.

Mile 3 (11:59) back into single track and elevation gains and losses.  I also started feeling it at this point.  My daily runs haven't been more than 5 or 6 miles and trails have been non-existent.

Mile 4 (11:13)  The guy that passed me way back was easy to pass and I kept up a good clip following purple hoodie.  I could feel two gals on my heels.  I don't like that.  I never checked my pace but knew I was dragging, we all know that feeling.

Mile 5 (12:39) Eventually the ups and downs go to me and I let the two MASS gals behind me pass.  They offered words of encouragement, I never know how to take that.  Back on to the trestle trail and I could NOT get my feet to turn over any faster.

Mile 6 (12:14) Even with the trestle trail and wider single track lead legs weren't moving.  I knew the speed bump portion with all the roots was coming up but the sharp down hills were killing my knees.  God, how have I gotten this out of shape???  

Mile 0.2 (9:53)  Well that pace really surprises me.  But it was on flat smooth grass and the end was near. 

Who knows what goes on with my hands, but at least I'm picking up my feet so close to the finish line.
Photo by Scott Mason

I navigated back to my car and stayed there.  

The two MASS gals were parked behind me and we chatted about the race, they said we followed you for most of the race and were surprised when you dropped back.  They also commended me on shorts instead of tights, they were overheated in their layers of clothes.  It was nice chatting with them for a few minutes.  

I wondered who else had shown up but never managed to get out of the car, so I cranked the heat and went home.  Sadly I missed meeting a NH runner I have recently been connected with through odd circumstances (ask me).  

Bottom line: This was fun, I really miss running trails, they are more difficult and beautiful than roads, however roads are more convenient.  Alas, I will have to get out there, and sacrifice the convenience of the hard top, if I am actually going to accomplish what I intend on accomplishing in October. 

Carol Ann texted me that she had my beer winnings.  Guess I'll need to swing by and pick them up.  Or maybe forgo my winnings and let her drink them, seeing as I left pre awards.

Beth, race 3 of the series done and dusted

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