Monday, April 4, 2016

Weekly Recap: 3/28/16 - 4/3/16

Monday (3.5) - Rainy and cold and unmotivated I took a 0.  My left knee feels much better and more solid so I think it was the right "decision" to not run.  Gus and I had a rather brisk walk after dinner.  Wowza I forgot how energetic he can be.  Gizmo woke up not being himself.  I was pretty sure this was the end.   We think his schedule was thrown off from us being in MA on Sunday and not getting home until late.  Plus it was a rainy Monday, perfect day to spend on the couch sleeping like the near dead.

Ok maybe not COMPLETELY appropriate, only a wee bit?  A friend of mine sent this to me after telling me I take the adage "treat every day like it's his last" literally.

Tuesday (10) - What is that idiom: "March comes in like a lion and out like a lamb"  March has been a lion pretty much all month, and there are just a few days left!!  Today we were treated with 20 MPH NNW winds.  There really isn't anywhere to go to get out of them, it's best to gird your loins and JFGID.  I'm sure there are scientific surveys that say running into the wind doesn't slow down your speed more than running with it speeds up your speed and there are others that say you get back about 25% of what you lost running into a substantial wind.  The last three miles of my 6.66 today were slower not only because they were the last three but because of running in a wind tunnel.  It took everything I had to pass a walker.  How embarrassing.

When I saw my watch at 6.66 and I was at the gate, it was perfection.  No point in getting to an even 6.7

Gus and I had a brisk walk in the wind.  Can't wait to get him back out on the trails.  That will have to be next weekend as I'm in DC this weekend.

Wednesday (3.7) - Finally Ro and I can get back on our run/ run & walk /walk time.  I've missed my 40 minutes with her jibber jabbering about this and that.  She had a wicked bad skiing crash a month ago and her right knee is giving her fits and is swollen.  So she is very limited on the amount of running she wants to do however a walk is not out of the question!  Goodie.  I thought I MIGHT get in some more miles running after the walk.  I didn't, I was hungry.  I'm happier having this time with my very few friends!


Spin was an interval class, wow Kim teaches a great class!  I'll probably miss these over the summer when I'll be out on the road bike...

No dog walk, Dave and I were finally home together, time to get caught up on TV and eat pizza.

Thursday (9) - This wind, ugh.  I know I live on the coast and run on the coast, but really has it been 20MPH++ this consistently ever?  I've only lived out here 17 years...

The run was good, it was a struggle into the wind, I got my 6 and was satisfied with that.

I packed some Skirt Sports shorts I've been iffy on for a while.  I had my usual shorts, but as I picked up those Aimee popped into my head.  She is a HS girlfriends recently diagnosed with Breast Cancer (stage IIIC) so she is pretty far along with the progression of the disease, there is no stage V, and I don't know if they ABC stage IV.  What great news to get on your 49th birthday, eh?  Anyhow Aimee loves purple, and I mean OBSESSED with purple, her wig is lavender!!  These shorts have purple polka dots on them and oddly enough the latest pair of my favorite running shoes came in purple.  I think of her when I run, I pray and send good vibes.  I don't honestly know if this helps, it does make me feel like I'm doing something being 760 miles away from her.  In our private FB group started so she could let us know what is going on I posted a pic of my outfit explaining that: "While I am far away, you are always in my thoughts and prayers and apparently also in my gym bag."  Laughter is good medicine.  While I thought the shorts were too short, they are just fine because Aimee loves purple and knowing you have people rooting for you, her mantra is Go! Fight! Win!, it will be good luck for her when I wear the shorts.  The chemo will attack the cancer and she will survive and live to see all her grandchildren born and at least turn 21.

Gus and I went on a walk, he likes his hour of Gus time, sometimes it is a struggle to get him into the house.  Noooooooo...... I don't want to go in I want to go further.

Friday (0) -  I took a zero, it was a bit of a battle.  Like a few people today I had meeting issues.  Some went out and got their miles.  I had Chicken Schwarma salad (that counts as healthy?)  fortunately not the resultant borborygmus my tripod mates usually get from this lunch (or taco salad which was Mon and Tue).  Finished up some work, edited a document for publication, tinkered with a spreadsheet and went home for Friday afternoon nap.  I'll give myself a pass what with a race on Sunday and all.  Although I've been doing that a bit too often lately and my March numbers show it compared to my January numbers.  Still and all I'm on track to meet my goals.

I am ahead of 2015 for my running miles and I'm very pleased with this.  Walking isn't pulling me along as much as it could.  I've got about a 22 mile bank for the first quarter.

Saturday (2) - The day was spent driving to DC for the Cherry  Blossom 10 Miler.  Happy to get out of the rain and ick of New England.

Sunday (13.2) - Cherry Blossom 10 miler recap to follow. 

After and uneventful ride home I took Gus for a stroll.  I have to start brushing his remaining teeth, I was working up a strategy for this  torture.  He is so schedule orientated I am going to try with the teeth brushing (he has 4) before the walk so he knows he gets something he wants after the torture.  I started last night by sticking my finger in his mouth, he was not pleased with that.  You'd of thought I stuck the finger somewhere else!!  We had a nice walk and he decided to treat me to an early morning snuggle on Monday to let me know I was missed.  Awwwwww..

Weekly Miles:  41.1  (run: 22.7  walk: 18.4)

Yearly goal:  541.4  against a straight line target of 517.9

Beth, sallying forth to the 2nd quarter of 2016!

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  1. Looks like a good week to me. Can't wait to read about Cherry Blossom!