Monday, January 7, 2013


Jackass came in this morning with the usual Monday morning banter. Of course, he asked about my race this weekend. I said I thought it started at 10 it started at 9. And like with anything he pull some Seinfeld reference! Yep, you guessed it Jean-Paul!!

Jean-Paul The Marathon Runner

Friends just put things into perspective, don’t they?

I’m still incredibly bummed to miss race 2 of a 5 race series and be out of the running for having competed in all of them like I did last year. Now I will put the race START time on the calendar also and be more diligent about checking the start time BEFORE I go to bed.

So to answer the question, Will she break a running rule? Nope! No race no new stuff. Although I am going to look for the Run Yaktrax for trail running. Those look a little better for running and I’ll run in them before attempting a race.

I did have a nice, yet slow, 6 mile run and followed that up with a trip to the beach with Hubb and 3 of the 4 dogs. The beach was nice, not too many people, we missed the get up and go for a walk on the beach crowd and were early for the let’s go for a walk on the beach after lunch crowd. Don’t worry too much about the one left home alone. He had a special treat, going hiking with me, which he LOVES his ‘mommy and me time’ plus I let him wander and he just likes to be doing something. He was a little disgruntled that Hubb was joining us. The look on his face when I had him get into the truck was one of “Really? Do we have to bring HIM with us?” We went out to a local trail where Hubb could work on some things with his mountain bike and Gizmo and I could hike. Gizzy was happy when Hubb took off in one direction and we went in another.

The trails were nice with a fresh covering of snow to clean everything up.  The hunters were out so we donned our orange!

Safety Dog!!
Beth, who will be writing the START times on the calendar!

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