Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Marathon Recap

It sounded like a great idea, a weekend with the marathon girls in Arizona running the Rock n' Roll Marathon.  What could be better to save us from a long weekend in cold and snowy Colorado, New Jersey, and Rhode Island?  Between injuries from Marine Corps in October, strained muscles from non-running activities, and "The Crud" crap going around none of the four of us were trained as we should be.  I boasted the best with a long run of 15 miles way back in the beginning of December.  We determined we were doing this for fun not for a PR...

Well two of us did PR:  G and B.  Woo Freaking Whoo!!  Interestingly the youngest and most untrained of us did the best, knocking 20 minutes off her MCM time.  Hmmm...  Unfortunately G could not finish her post race beer, so hmm I volunteered, surprised?  Didn't think so!!  A and M hit the wall and soldiered on.  Finishing as that is what counts!  Proud of them, always!

G - 4:17
B (me) - 5:01
A - 5:05
M - 5:35

It was a great race!!   One of A's friends took us to the start line, we arrived 10 minutes before the start, just enough time to jog to the start line, snap a picture and cross the start line to Joann Jett "I Love Rock and Roll"....  Absolutely Brilliant!!!

As it was a Rn'R marathon there were bands every mile or so.  They over powered the iPod, however the shuffle didn't let me down with songs as I needed them.  Each song brings back a memory of a run and/or a person and that image was with me for the duration of the song, egging me on, taking me to a different place.

Play List - Don't Judge!!!  (always looking for recommendations!!)
I started out a little fast as my 5K split told me, I felt good.  I wasn't in a hurry, and I definitely should not have been....  My splits went from fast to slow to fast.  Bell curve perhaps?

I need to graph this but I think it is sort of bell curve shaped, no?
All in all the Marathon was great.  I was happy to have completed #2, and being untrained wasn't as much of a hindrance.  I think I really know, now what I am capable of and fully trained for Marine Corps in October 2013 I am sure I can break 5 hours, maybe close to 4:30?  I know I need to push myself more, push myself to the edge and over the edge.  Truly finding out what is to much and backing off from there.

Post Race - the Fab Five!!
The four of us did manage to meet a fellow runner to add to our crew!  E's goal is to run 13 1/2s in 2013 and he is now two races in.  We will meet up with him again for a Rn'R 1/2 this year!!  So fun to meet new people.

The biggest difference between AZ and DC was the crowds and the energy.  There was a lot more alone time on this course than there was with DC.  I don't know which I liked better.  Which do you like better, running by yourself in a race or among other racers?

Beth, not as high from AZ Rn'R as she was from MCM however feeling pretty damn proud!!

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