Thursday, January 17, 2013

Marathon The Second

Last run, 5.5 miles, before the Marathon on Sunday.  *bites nails*  The weather was fantastic!!  Sunny and while I though I may have been over dressed, once I got near the water I was thankful for my heavy shirt to block the wind off the Long Island Sound.   Well it may NOT be my lat run, I think my marathon girlfriends want to sneak in a run on Saturday to limber up.  Or possibly sober up...

My aggressive training plan was abbreviated as I signed up for this just after Marine Corps Marathon on October 28th.   Reflecting on the last 11 weeks of training. I think one REALLY needs to let their body recover after running a marathon, ESPECIALLY when it is your first marathon.  Early on I was having trouble with the longer runs as my body worked hard to repair the damage from the marathon and the training for that marathon.  How do people who run consecutive marathons do it?  Perhaps they weren't running their second marathon 12 weeks after running their first?  After only running seriously for less than 2 years?   Ok so it wasn't the most well thought out plan.  Oh well.  

I loved "Born to Run"  I finished the book tonight and have filled out the application for the Laurel Wood 50K, now just to put the stamp on the envelope and mail it in.  This race is in June.  5 months, that should be fine to train for a 31 mile trail race, right?  I think I may also transition to minimalist shoes or toe shoes.  My PF is pretty much under control and I can see the benefits to letting my feet do what they are born to do.  

The other part of "Born to Run" I liked was the rag tag group of misfits Ultra Runners are.  I think these are my people!

Beth in love with running and all things running.