Sunday, January 27, 2013

10K Trail Race

With the weather lately (barely reaching 20F) I REALLY needed a reason to put on the layers and get out there and run. Besides it was high time I stopped the "I'm in rest mode from the Marathon." crap.

Reason #1 - 10K trail race (today)

Reason #2 - Colorful running clothes!  Found a great waterproof and wind proof PURPLE jacket and some new colorful pony tail beanies.

Reason #3 - 5K virtual race (yesterday)

I kept up on the race director's posts.  He said there really wasn't a need for traction, the trails were pretty packed.  I left the YakTrax at home.  I would have done better up the hills WITH them.  Oh well.

Today was race #3 in South County Fourth Season Trail Race series.  It is a series of 5 races.  Last year I ran in all 5 races.  This year I will only make 4 of them due to thinking the start time of race #2 was the same as race #3. Oh well, this did prompt me to start recording the start times of the races I am interested in running and have registered for in my racing spreadsheet.  Geek much?  Anyhoodles, last year you received a mug with your race photos for competing in all 5 races, that was really sweet.

My time last year was 1:02, on a completely clear 10K course, with a long (0.2 mile) section of open area.  My time this year was 1:09 on a snowy, hence the need for YakTrax, nearly all single track woods trail.  I felt so bad for one of the younger runners who wore his racing flats and was slipping all over the place on the uphills and downhills.  Although I think he kind of enjoyed sliding down, I know I would have!  He muttered, I left my spikes at home, that was dumb.

I remember this kid from the Old Mountain Field race.  His father is an uber-competitive runner and was egging him with about a mile left to go in the course.   In later discussions I found out he instructed his team to run the 5K trail as a warm up and then as a warm down.  No wonder this poor kid got beat by two women in their 40s...

I kept pace with a couple gals in my age bracket, one way ahead of me, I rarely lost sight of her and another who drafted me for the first 5 miles then took off.  Drafting me as in it was like she was breathing down my neck the whole time.  She really only gained 40 seconds on her over all time, but really?  I offered a couple times for her to pass, even when I fell she declined passing me.  I'm hardly a substantial wind break, but hey any port in a storm right?

Awesome Purple Coat and Hat!!

I was still smiling as I was coming up on the finish line.  Guess that means I didn't work hard enough?  Feh, I ran a marathon last weekend!

Yesterday I went out for a 5K virtual race.  Anywhere 5K hosts a monthly race, run your own course, they provide a bib you can print and a place to record your results.  Sometimes there are even prizes!  I have an at work 5K course and one in my town that I use for these virtual races.  It is kind of fun to get out there with a purpose other than just feeling fantastic running.

The Anywhere 5K was Run Fur Fun to benefit the Humane Society (if you chose to donate) and to have a chance to run with your canine family member(s).  I chose to run solo, none of our four boxers are focused enough to run a race!  I did run in memory of our Diesel who we lost to Cancer in 2010.  He survived nearly 2 years with a hemangiosarcoma on his spine.  We only discovered the cancer because he could not stand up one day.  The tumor closed off his spinal cord. From what the vet said during the progression of the cancer he was constantly re-learning how to walk as the tumor cut off more and more signals from his brain to his hind legs.  During his cancer experience he re-learned to walk twice.  Amazing the will and strength of our big guy.

At the beach!

First time with the wheels, he re-learned to walk after this and a second time!!

Beth, running for fun!

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