Monday, January 5, 2015

Weekly Log 12/29 - 1/4 - Final





Bluff Point

Mohegan Striders fun run





Wow we rang out 2014 and ran in 2015.  This would explain the rather confusing conversation I had at work on the 2nd.  Trying to understand why someone didn't want me to edit 2013 ( in my mind: last year)  numbers in a submission when clearly we should be updating last  years numbers.  Finally he said "Beth, last year was 2014, the year before was 2013 and it is pointless to updated those numbers."  DOH.  

All that aside.  I did my brief year end recap here if you missed it.  You may have blinked, who knows...  

Monday - Back to the EB Lot L for speed work.  I knew that a 12 hour drive the day before wasn't exactly going to play in my favor for a great work out.  I tried to get away with only running laps with Steve until he got wise to my plan.  It was good.  We worked on speed and breathing.  Funny how the body knows what to do when you do push it.  My breathing was best when I was pushing hard and then when I'd slack off, always on the back stretch my breathing would get weird and I'd be thinking about it.  Looking at the pace chart you can see where I give up/get slower/give in (I'm not really sure what happens).  I really appreciate the guys taking the time out of their own training schedules to work with me on the basics and support me.  

Took Gizzy for a walk, first one in a week.  Poor guy was going berzerkers.  Dave was busy socializing while I was gone.  Should have hired Bailey to come over and walk the old guy!!

Tuesday - took a little break and went for a walk with Ro and caught up.  The holidays get me all discombobulated and out of my comfort zone, in a normal year.  This year was magnified.  I was so not ready for Christmas and really just wanted to see my parents and observe them.  I was very disturbed after my brief visit in early December in Kalamazoo.  They are aging and that is part of the process.  It is tough when I don't get out there once a quarter.  The difference between May and December was definite and scary.  From that point until I got back to Michigan all I wanted to do was be back in Michigan either to confirm or alleviate my concerns. 

I was finally ready to put up the Christmas Tree and celebrate.  Sad, isn't it?  I need to figure out how to actually want to have Christmas at Christmas time.  

Wednesday - Last run of the year.  I decided on Bluff Point.  An easy run. I enjoyed myself and it has been far to long since I ran there.  

Gizzy was in it for a long walk and we walked nearly as far as I ran.  His foot is nearly healed and I need to start taking off the bandage and boot as we get closer to home to build up that callous on his pad.  I'll wait until the last dot of a scab is gone.  He scuffed along and we enjoyed our last walk of 2014.  

Thursday - Met up with Ro, Steve, Bob, and Tim to run down to Mystic for the Mohegan Striders New Years Day run and plunge.

Anyhoodles, we ran into Mystic at a nice easy pace, this year was much easier than last year's run.  I'm definitely recovered from 2013!  The meet up place was the John J Kelley statue in Mystic.  This run even made it into Parade Magazine page 14!  The run back out to the beach was led by Way Hedding with Amby Burfoot making the rounds with all the runners.  It was fun to be in the lead of the pack at our whopping 12 minute/mile pace!

Gizzy opted for an abbreviated walk, Wednesday took a bit out of him.  My brother and I were talking about walking our dogs and how we let them choose the walk route.   Dave thinks I'm crazy, and Mark's wife thinks he's crazy, seriously the dogs choose the route they want to walk.  

Friday - Nicole and I haven't run together since October with her latest 1/2 marathon PR in the Newport 1/2 Marathon.  We got together at 8 in Narragansett for 4 miles.  It was so nice to spend 40 minutes with her running and chatting and having coffee (yeah I'm trying to give up the Diet Coke and will try coffee for my caffeine) and doing more catching up for an equal amount of time.

Beautiful sunrise at the beach!

Saturday - Stairs were on the agenda.  Jennifer is still fighting off the flu and while I did get a flu shot I really don't want to tempt fate.  She didn't think she'd even be able to climb the stairs.  

We do have a new plan for Tuesdays, and hour run followed by an hour of yoga and then our liquid treats!  I do miss yoga and haven't managed to get to any of the classes at the Y or at work.  This should work.  It will make for a long day for the first few weeks. 

Anyhoodles, I went out for a 9 mile run, maybe 10 I couldn't remember if Rivercrest added a mile or made the run 9 miles.   I combine the Sat (3) and Sun (6) miles because I'm really not sure what Sun has in store.  My pace is 10:10 -11:27 per the training plan for a long run.  Even though 9 isn't long (10 and above is long - in my mind) figured it would be good to see if I could track to a 10:10 pace.  I never hit 10:10 on the nose however for the most part I was consistent except for Mile 5 and the last 3/10 of a mile.  Ending with a 10:24 pace.  

Mentally knowing I could go as slow as 11:27 and even on the hill up to my house I didn't go that slow (ok slow to me, is crawling to some and fast to others, work with me and my mind here!!!) made me feel really good about this run.  I also took time to focus on breathing inhaling fully and exhaling fully and doing both slowly.  Really helped keep me calm, my heart rate showed the result staying solidly in the 'tempo' zone.  Not sure what the zones really mean, yet!  I have never done heart rate training, probably something I won't attempt however I am curious. 

Sunday -  Dave asked if I wanted to go on a hike with Haley and John, two of the people he bikes with. Sure!  I didn't ask how long and the information wasn't volunteered to me.  I figured 3 miles.  Dave said 5 - 6.  I was surprised, could people who only ever bike actually walk that many miles?  We went out to Beach Pond and it was quite wet from all the rain.   Nothing unmanageable.  Another biker friend, Scott, met them out there.  I was definitely outnumbered!!  I listened to their conversations and watched how they picked their line through the trail.  They went for the wider paths and wider logs.  All very curious.  I did mention my observation, they thought it was rather cute observation from a road rider and sometimes trail runner.  I let that slide.  And watched them slide down the ledge in their fancy hiking boots.  Tee hee...  I've learned about grippy trail shoes, thank you guys!!

All in all it was fun and was a bit over 8 miles. My space watch ran out of juice and I started Strava up maybe 1/2 mile after I realized the buzz of my space watch  was it dying not marking another mile.  Whoopsie!!

Front: Haley
L - R me / Dave / Scott
Photo by John
I enjoyed watching them hobble from vehicles to the resturant for post hike hydration.  At least we have hydration tactics in common.  If I can figure out the trails in Beach Pond I'll run them, it was very pretty!

Sincerely, Beth
First recap for 2015!  

Initial publish 1/3
Final 1/5


  1. Regarding the HR training Beth, I've never tackled it either, but some folks swear by it. I can understand that there would be advantages of knowing where your HR is in an aerobic vs. anaerobic condition, as far as a specific number. But I always just rely on how I'm feeling - I pretty much know when my heart is beating fast, ha.

    1. I may pass on the HR training. My husband has been working with his ranges and I've listened to he and his biking friends discuss it. Seems like way to much to keep track of!!

  2. A good week of fitness and a fine way to start 2015!