Sunday, January 25, 2015

Winter Wonderland 5 Miler - Recap

Faith and I were back and forth about a race at the end of January.  Once she told me it would be on her birthday, oh I'd love to be part.   The Winter Wonderland 5 miler in Milford CT, totally violating the driving longer than running rule from 2013, it is for a special occasion!!

Who knew it was ACTUALLY going to be a Winter Wonderland in Milford CT on Sunday. Fortunately the roads were clear enough, and the sun was out so it wasn't too horrible for racing.

I'm not so sure I'd say I raced, I ran faster than a training run...

The start was Platt Technical School, so a nice warm place to stay till the race started, it has a great feature, a parking lot ice rink!  Not sure if this was special for the race or they always have this feature.  As we all slip slided up to the start line I was really regretting not having 1) gone to the bathroom one more time and 2) warming up.

At the start Faith asked me "What's your 5 mile PR?"  I gave her a blank stare.  Hmmm.. I know I've run a few 5 mile race.  I replied "I have no idea, probably in the 48 minute range".   She assured me she'd get me across the finish line sooner than that.  OK, yeah, I didn't even do a warm up this is going to be interesting.

Mile 1: Faith hung with me for the first mile 9:07, it was downhill, the GAP (Grade Adjusted Pace) tells a more true story 9:30.  Lesson learned:  warm up idiot.

And the gap between Faith and I grew.  Guess you could say I lost faith?  Hmmm...  yeah, really feeling like a dolt for going into this cold, not having any goals, and krikies what kind of competitor are you if you can't rattle off all your distance PRs?

Mile 2:  Ahhh it is flattening out and I can still see Faith, this is good, I can do this.  What was the course profile was it flat?  That would be nice...  9:28  GAP 9:23.

Mile 3:  Wait what?  This isn't flat.  Ok watch the feet of the person in front of you as you see purple coat and crazy tights fly by you and where the hell IS Faith....  10:08 GAP 9:41

Mile 4:  Ohhh what goes up must come down, this doesn't suck too bad.  Close the gap on purple coat and passed crazy tights.  10:01  GAP 9:55

Mile 5:  Bye bye purple coat!  Passed on the PLEASE let this be the last little incline and all down hill to the finish.  Crazy tights caught up with me and I said "GO GIRL" she had some kick and we raced to the end.  She definitely wasn't expecting that, I needed it!  9:38  GAP 9:36  (the last little bit 0.1 was 7:05  GAP 7:27 - felt like a wee little speedwork session)  Found Faith at the finish line!

Final 48:48    24 age group

Pretty cool considering Faith was 45:45

Results here

Oh yeah, you noticed no A B C goals?  Well, um, yeah...  I didn't have any.  Perhaps I'll get my act together for the Belleville Pond 10K in two weeks or the Super 5K next weekend and do a little review of past performance?

Beth, happy to share a difficult birthday with a friend.


  1. Sometimes you just need to show up and run. Great job!

    1. Exactly! Perfect sentiment! Thank you!