Friday, August 31, 2012

Giggling During Shavasana?

Friday is usually a short work day, take the Old Fogies to the park, and Yoga!

I left by 3, I'll call that a short work day.  Used my time wisely!  I stopped by the Library to pick up two of the Audio books I reserved.  The 39 Clues Book #10 and Dearly Devoted Dexter.  YA Mystery and an adult mystery, no one said adults can't listen to or read YA, right?  And Dexter, he is just, well, funny, despite being a serial killer.  He is not a REAL serial killer so it is ok because it is fiction.  I don't find serial killers funny in real life, just to be clear!

Took the Old Fogies to the park.  The Rhythm and Roots festival started today, in the park I take the dogs to.  So, yeah, that didn't go all that well.  They got to go for a ride, run around a bit, and take a nearly decent walk!

Then it was off to Yoga.  Or as hubb calls it "Yogurt".  He is a funny one, isn't he?

It was the usual suspects, Heidi, Debbie, Jeanie, and me!  After a series of vinyasas with lots of plank and downward facing dog (heels are getting closer to the floor!) we did sideways crow.  I got up on my left side easier than my right.  Couple more tries and I may have this!  I know, I know yoga isn't competitive, I'm dealing with this by seeing how far I can take my body and what it does as a result.  Shavasana was welcome.  I was out like a light, total blackness hardly had to erase my mind until all of a sudden this picture of Sage popped into my head.  In the full picture there are people in the picture but I didn't believe it was OK to post them in my blog.  In any event, Sage is sitting on the couch, another person is sitting to her left and a person to the right in a chair.  I captioned the photo "Sage was thrilled to try out her new cocktail conversation topics."  I nearly busted out laughing in Shavasana... I tempered it with a big grin.  I laughed out loud after I got to my car.  Love my girl!!

This is a three day weekend!  Woot!  Hubb has a friend visiting, so they will be off doing their boy stuff.  I have long runs planned for Saturday and Monday morning.  Brunch with the girls on Sunday!! Think I will run the Surftown 1/2 course tomorrow morning.  It is too early to plan for Monday's run, I do plan on going to yoga as TRX is on vacation until the 17th....

Surftown Half Course

Surftown Half Elevation

Beth, who did NOT giggle in Shavasana, even though she REALLY wanted to

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