Thursday, August 9, 2012

SGK - 60 Miles in 3 days is not for Whimps

I've been absent since the 30th of July.  Krikies...  I'll run you down on what I've been up to.

  • 7/31 That was a Tuesday so I was in NY....  what a wasted trip that was.  The folks I needed to meet with worked from home.  My usual train home partner worked from home...  I got out early enough to participate in Girls Night Out with my CT based crew, yeah!  Margaritas and Mexican food, Yumo!

  • 8/1 Dinner with the BIL and the Niece and Nephews
  • 8/2 Drive out to Cleveland for the Susan G Komen 3-day walk.  60 miles in 3 days...
  • 8/3 Day One SGK 
  • 8/4 Day Two SGK
  • 8/5 Day Three SGK
  • 8/6 Drive home with swollen legs
  • 8/7 Hair appt first day back at work
  • 8/8 Making a lame attempt at a post....
  • 8/9 Today editing and posting...
I signed up for the Susan G Komen 3-Day prior to the controversy with Planned Parenthood.  I struggled with participating.  Either way I signed up I had to raise the funds if I participated or not.  They weren't letting anyone skate out.  I can't blame them, SGK is a corporation.  It started as a non-profit (don't know this for sure) and turned into an industry.  I am a capitalist and don't fault capitalism,  It is what makes the world go round.  Socialism certainly doesn't, someone has to make the money to distribute to those who don't do for themselves.  And I am not going to fight or acknowledge political views.  So, let us just move on.

So anyhow I was apprehensive.  My PF was HURTING from the Blessing of the Fleet on the 27th.

Blessing of the Fleet towards the finish
I was petrified this could sideline me for MCM.  Of course that is a self fulfilling prophecy.  I altered my gait and caused some problems with my hamstring and calf muscle.  Focusing on getting back to my normal gait fixed most of the problem  But walking 60 miles over 3 days one is bound to get some over use injuries.

Working with the Sports Med folks they stretched me out and all was good.  Then someone said "Try this" and threw a pack of Biofreeze at me.  Icy Hot on steroids.  Well this made my leg blow up...  Petrified I had done some damage Day 3 I went to the sports med folks post lunch and they poked and prodded and said you didn't tear or strain anything, your not yelping in pain and you walked in here.  I said, "Perhaps a reaction to the Biofreeze?"  We agreed that was it.  Don't wrap it, no more Biofreeze and keep ice on it....

I finished the 3-Day with ice wrapped on my leg, well it was ice when it was wrapped, it wasn't ice at the finish line.

Let me break it down:

Day 1 - 22.2 Komen miles, they tend to be longer than real miles.  Went well, a little sore, ready for some Jack and bed by 9:30.  I was out like a light
Feeling OK
Day 2 - 21.7 Komen miles.  We both thought we were going to die.  It was hot, it was humid.  2 miles from the 'finish' we wanted to give in but didn't want to let each other in.  Out like a light by 9:30 after a nice soak in the hot tub.  I was also introduced to Biofreeze
Dying would be nice

Day 2 - 17 Komen miles.  We were happy to be done and have spent three days together.  Trish's husband was there to take pictures and be supportive.  He rocks!

All in all it was amazing, not as amazing as the first time.  Numbers are down so there were half the number of participants, only 640 so there wasn't the energy from the participants.  The city of Cleveland and the Western Subs ROCKED, totally ROCKED.  SO supportive and appreciative.

The number of houses we passed with survivors either out front greeting us or with a simple sign saying 'In support of' or 'In memory of'  what got us both choked up was the sign saying 'four survivors live here'...  and I am getting choked up, again.

After nearly two weeks break I ran again tonight, 3 miles, felt great, still muscle soreness and tightness behind the left knee, nothing else seemed off!  It was tuneless and watch-less.  Tuneless because my iPod was out of gas and watch-less because I just wanted to run and not watch my pace.

Beth who totally needs to wear another color besides pink for a few days

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