Tuesday, August 21, 2012

History Lesson

Quick catch up.  Monday night was TRX.  Great class, love those gals they really make the time go by fun and fast.  Although I do need to do a little googling around to find out if drinking alcohol really does make you sweat more and more quickly.  I read somewhere when your body is in shape it sweats more quickly and more profusely.

I did smell my sweat to see if it smelled like Jim Beam Red Stag (Black Cherry), it didn't, it smelled like, well, sweat.  Hmmmm  Note: I am still a Jack girl, one of the cooks at work suggested this and it is MIGHTY tasty!!

Tonight was The Battle of Stonington 5K race.  I haven't run a 5K race in quite a while.  Girls on the Run the first weekend in June doesn't really count or does it?  I was a running buddy for that race, it was HER race not mine.

Anyhoodles the guys at work, always supportive of my running, asked why on earth was I in the CT office on a TUESDAY.  I fear I may have messed up one of their diabolical plans or something?  I explained that I had a race tonight and as luck had it my project team meeting was changed to Thursday so I'd be in NYC then.  Ah they said, the fates lined up for you, are you sure your 'charms' didn't have anything to do with this meeting moving?  I am quite certain I had nothing to do with this meeting change.  Some times things just work out.

This is when I found out there was an ACTUAL battle in Stonington CT, in August, during the War of 1812.  Holy crap.  I sucked at history, and as the daughter of a history teacher, this pains my mother to no end.  To help me learn a bit about history she always offered me historical fiction to read.  So my Civil War knowledge came from "Gone With The Wind", African slaves from "Roots", and so forth.  Even now I tend towards the historical fiction novels, what can I say, I like a story, maybe a little romance, with my history, it holds my attention.

At the start, do I ever not smirk?

My goal for the 5K was sub 30 minutes.  My girlfriend suggested I aim for 27 minutes.  Ok so that was the stretch goal.  I suppose had I not stopped at my car, to get a drink of water, I may have made it. Oh yeah and there was a lady handing out water, you can see on my pace where I stopped and hydrated.  I'm a hydrater...  we all have our vices!  I'll have to remember my friend Rod's comment.  "Your SUPPOSED to suffer in a 5K."  He has a very valid point.  There is a 5K in my town next week I think I'll sign up and work on that suffering business! And I'll bring my 7 oz handheld with me!

Splits, not too bad


Can you pick out the water stops?

So according to this time I could estimate my Marathon time right around 5 hours.  I am sure I will need to work on my speed, BIG TIME, but hey this does give me some encouragement and I will work on my speed and those hill workouts definitely do increase my VO2 max, I could feel that even after one (or maybe that was psychological?)

Beth now a sub 30 5Ker, woot.

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