Thursday, August 16, 2012

Hills, Hills, and More Hills!

Per my schedule hill work was to start two weeks ago.  Well it didn't, it started today.  And technically all of my runs contain hills so I thought BFD.  The problem was finding the right 0.4 mile hill.  There is one a few steps from my door, that will do I figured.  Not a lot of traffic so my 5 laps wouldn't prompt too many strange looks from the neighbors.  Seriously how much weirder can they think we are, we did have an orange tractor in the front yard, which turned into the front garden for about 5 years.

By the time it was removed the flower garden had pretty well grown in around it and now it is a lovely wild flower herb garden.  Although I wonder what ever did happen to those purple tulips. I don't recall them coming up this year, hmm.

In any event between the orange tractor and the metal chicken in a different garden our neighbors can't possibly think we are normal.  Oh let us not even mention the four boxers...  okay...

The elevation chart from the hills and then the run afterwards.  Oh yes, tonight was an 8 mile run, so of course I needed to log as damn close to 8 miles running as I could.  I'm just that much of a masochist.

Isn't he just the cutest elevation chart?  I did my 5 hills and then went on to apparently tackle a bigger hill.  I have to review the player to see where that monster is and how I can better incorporate that into my Marine Corps Marathon training.  Although that hill at the end is leading up TO my house so there is that gem. 

So my splits weren't brilliant but here they are anyhow:

Frankly I'm mostly thrilled I finally learned how to use the "lap" button on the Garmin.  I can segment out parts of my run I want to pay more attention to.  Like that last 0.5 miles heading to home!

All in all I feel like a million bucks.  My left foot hurts a bit when I walk on it, good nights stretch in the boot will doctor that right up.  Heck a good nights sleep does wonders for just about everything.  I'm feeling like I'll sleep the sleep of the dead tonight because I'm tired and I feel like I accomplished something.

Beth, Queen of her world tonight

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