Friday, August 10, 2012

Broccoli Worms and Inner Peace

Feeling like a champ after Yoga tonight!  Heidi ended class reminding us that not only are we doing a good thing for ourselves we are doing a good thing for others.  Our yoga light also positively impacts those we come in contact with.  I really like this sentiment.  Sometimes I do feel if I am more centered and aware of myself it does improve my interactions with others and hopefully that positive interaction results in them having a positive interaction with the next person they come in contact with.

Class was lovely and we took a walk through the community garden behind the yoga center.  One of the ladies wondered if they were growing any dill but wasn't sure what it looked like.  Well I know about dill, my mother and father grew that in their garden and we always had a crock of pickles going.  I could smell the dill before I saw it and it was lovely.  Brought back childhood memories of the garden in the back yard.  The smell of the broccoli, the cauliflower, the general plant and dirt smell plus the dill.  It was so wonderful.  Something I didn't even think I really had any memories of the garden other than broccoli worms.

Oh you want to know about broccoli worms?  Well there was one in a stalk of broccoli and I freaked out.  My father simply, directly, and plainly said "Beth, eat it.  The only thing the broccoli worm has been eating has been broccoli, so it tastes just like broccoli."    I can't tell you how many times I've thought of that in one situation or another.  I doubt I ate the broccoli and had to sit at the dinner table until  both of my parents could stand it any longer, but then there were always consequences so I may have finished it.  Much like when they tried to get me to eat mashed potatoes; no matter how thinly I smeared them on my plate they could always tell I hadn't eaten any of them...  now?  I love both broccoli and mashed potatoes and I don't investigate the broccoli to much, if there is a broccoli worm, I won't even notice, as it will taste just like broccoli.


Beth who eats broccoli worms or may not, she doesn't dissect her broccoli anymore in an attempt to not eat any of it and make it look like it has been eaten.