Monday, August 13, 2012

Feeling Like a Million Bucks

I am feeling like a million bucks, really.  

Work was work, filled with Monday challenges and plenty of people with "a case of the Mondays" once you get past that and focus on what really matters, the work, and the people, all is fabulous.

My PF is doing great.  I bought another boot in Ohio.  Gus had eaten my first boot and I didn't think I really needed another one.  Well I did.  The difference that boot has made has been remarkable.  Combine that with the consistent stretching and the use of "the stick" and except for a little pain if I hit on the right spot barefoot I'd never know I was hobbling for the week before the Susan G Komen 3-Day walk.

Tonight is a TRX night.  There were three of us and the instructor.  Lots of laughs and stories.  I missed that the last two weeks.

Arrived home to the Old Fogies completely beside themselves with dinner being 30 minutes late.  This was quickly rectified by my feeding them.  I strapped on my 'fuel belt' and filled two bottles with water and was out the door for a 4 mile run.  That went well.  Loop around the park, no drivers trying to kill me, and a nice run along the RI side of the Pawcatuck River followed by a 1.5 mile uphill slog.  Well not a total slog I kept up my pace focused on smaller footsteps and when I got to the top the Marine Corps Rhythm was playing on the iPod.  I felt compelled to shout out on occasion.  Hey why not, right?

Stretching out after a shower involved me and the Old Fogies.  They 'helped' by licking me and and Gizmo "wooooo" ed to cheer me on?  Sage decided right over the top of me would be a good time to get Gizmo to play.  Thanks girl...  I managed to get all stretched out and massaged the legs with extra special attention to the left calf using "the stick"  it works, I'm sure of it.  The tightness and tenderness are nearly gone.

I also reviewed my schedule to see just how far off I am.  Well I realized I made a mistake with the dates for the SGK walk.  Below is the revised schedule with the dates right.  My 8 miles on Sun was only 2 off from what was on the schedule so I'm really not doing THAT bad!

8 13 12 Marathon Training Plan

The 17 mile run for this Sun seems a little much, but hill work does start on Thur and I am looking forward to that, really I am!!!


Beth who has her groove back

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