Sunday, August 12, 2012

Back in the Groove

Today I was up and out on a run by 8 a.m.  Feeling fan-freakin-tastic!  Eight mile run felt great.  Easy pace, perfect cadence with the Drill Instructor "Running in Rhythm".  It was a lovely run.  Yeah, I know "Lovely" and :Drill Instructor" don't quite go together.  It was lovely because it was just a perfect pace, my PF wasn't giving me any issues.  My calf still felt tight, never painful, and never tight enough to stop and stretch.

Per schedule I was to run 15 miles.  I was nervous enough running 8.  Yes, I am terrified of injury. Hopefully not to my own demise!

I did two loops around the park, I really do like a nice run around the park.  On the first loop there was a dog training class going on.  On the second loop there was a group of Asians practicing thai chi.  It is wonderful the park is so well used and appreciated.

Ran my usual route up along the Pawcatuck River in CT and looped around and back down town and up the hill to home.  I saw some bikers, they always wave.  So sweet.  There is a couple who walk, side by side, even when there is traffic!  Really?  You can't go single file or even scootch over to the side.  It is people like this who give runners / walkers / bikers a bad name.  Automobiles and Pedestrians/Bicyclists should share the road.  Don't you agree?

In one of the vehicles was a woman waving at me!  This gave me such a kick.  I wave at 95% of the vehicles.  I try for 100% sometimes I miss a few.  Anyhow, this was so sweet.  Either she has seen me out before and remembered me waving or she was a fellow runner.  I can't tell you how many runners I wave at!  They probably think I am a weirdo, really I am so excited to see people running, and a little jealous I want to shout "GO! You are a champion!" but that would make me super weird, an energetic wave only makes me sort of weird, right?

My girlfriend begged off brunch this morning.  I was looking forward to splitting a French Toast Souffle and Eggs Benedict.  She had date day with her husband and was getting a pedicure in the afternoon.  I can only hope pedicure was code for an afternoon delight!  I used my time finishing laundry, watching more Downton Abbey, finishing a baby sweater, and making progress on my socks. Alas, no pedicure of either kind for me this afternoon, bummer.  There is always next weekend for brunch!

I picked up some compression socks at the local drug store.  I've had them on most of the day and been using "The Stick" my calf will be ready for a nice at run work tomorrow, I am quite sure.  I really am amazed at how well "The Stick" has been working to break up the knot.  Each time I use it the pain and knot are less and less.  WOOT!!!  Thursday starts Hill Work!  Two weeks late, yes I know...  remember once a schedule is put together it goes out the window.  I am not too far behind and I am not injured, I think that is a WIN, don't you?


Beth feeling fine fit and fearless