Saturday, August 18, 2012

Saturday Walk Day

Schedule was an 8 mile walk.  Woke up to rain and cooler temperatures.  This warranted a long sleeved shirt.  Found a nice bright pink one, perfect for the occasion on a somewhat dreary rainy Saturday.  Laced up the shoes, donned the waist pack with two bottles of water, some cash, and some GU Chomps.  The iPod shuffle seems to be working again.  I reset it. I wonder if that will do anything to help the battery hold a charge?  Donned my new Garmin Forerunner 410, I don't know why I felt the need for a new watch.  The 110 worked OK, granted it didn't pick up a signal quickly and never seemed to hold it in the beginning of my run and I had a devil of a time getting it hooked up to charge or to down load data.  So yeah, those inconveniences and for some reason I am feeling cash rich and needed a new gadget.

A fellow walker commented that she liked my top, it was easy to see from very far away.  I commented back that was the point.  I wanted to be seen, sometimes it is scary walking or running on the road.  It rained pretty much the full 2 plus hours I was out walking.  No blisters to report, and my shoes are drying out.

I run this course weekly and have walked it now twice.  I see it so differently at 16 minute mile versus a 10 minute mile.  Nothing really picture worthy what with all the rain.

The big project for the day was preparing for a girlfriends baby shower on Friday.  This required a trip to Babies R' Us.  Scary scary place for childless me!  I managed to not get lost and it only took me an hour to figure out what I wanted to purchase and how I would incorporate it into the presentation of the gift.  Shhhh.... it is a surprise.  I'll post a picture after Friday, she may read the blog.

Tomorrow's route is partially unknown, 15 - 17 miles.  I've driven it several times but never run or walked it.  Slightly apprehensive and slightly excited. Better make sure the iPod is charged I'd really like to have tunes for the run.  I'll see if it holds the charge until Monday why take a chance it really is dying.

Beth walker for a day

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