Saturday, September 15, 2012

Just a Quickie

I haven't run since Wednesday!  Yikes.  I must be sick or something?  I had a 3 miler this a.m. and I feel better for it.  Tomorrow is my 4th 1/2 marathon.  Picked up my race bib, shirt, and gear bag this afternoon.

I'm short 3.1 toes!!!

Hubb called to find out if he should pick up some corn for dinner, sure, that would be fine, but I'm really craving bread.  He said "mmm bread"  sort of Homer Simpson like, weird.  We don't eat many breads / pastas anymore.  He picked up a nice Italian bakery loaf and suggested garlic bread to go with our usual salad.  Oh boy, perfect, I wanted something crunchy!  We ate damn near that whole loaf of bread!  Oh, there wasn't any corn at our usual place, it is getting late in the season... salad and bread, nice dinner!

So my run. Weather absolutely perfect, cool (mid 60's), breezy, could have probably pulled off a long sleeved running shirt, but didn't.  I walked to the end of the street, and took off running down the hill.  Waited through what must have been three light changes, to get to my traditional loop in the park.  I saw someone I had not seen in about a year.  This guy, all bundled up like it is below zero outside, scampering along on his walk, hat on and gloves on. So cute.  I waved and gave him a "Glad to see you again" grin and he looked at me like I might not be quite right in the head.  Guess you'll have that on occasion.

Loop around the park, beautiful this time of year, more leaves are turning and falling.  Run through town up and around the railroad station and up Oak Street.  It is a hill, a serious hill.  I remember the first time I successfully ran up it without stopping.  A year ago October, all in preparation for the Pell-Newport Bridge run last November (I am signed up for this year too, that was so amazing).  I was reminded yesterday that I really haven't been at this running thing for very long and to cut myself some slack and be very very proud of what I have accomplished.  That single minded focus of mine to accomplish something does come in handy on occasion!

It was a nice glide back down the hill to home.  Hubb was still home!  Yeah!   Usually he is gone by 10 or so on Saturday a.m. well it still was before 10, after all this was just a quickie.  He was upstairs tinkering with a glider plane.  He yelled down "Your back already?"  I trotted up stairs and said, "Yeah, it was just a quickie I'm a wet mess!"  He just looked at me and said "You take everything to the lowest level, don't you?"  Well, yeah...

Overall Stats

Yeah, don't ask me what I was thinking with lap 5 and 6 

Pace / Elevation

Beth who has her super cute race outfit picked out for tomorrow!

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