Monday, September 17, 2012

I Got Nothing

No TRX, No Running, just a walk in the park with the old Fogies.  The weather is cooler and dryer and the two of them tore around like maniacs.  I am sure they will sleep well tonight!

I did go to the gym to change to run this afternoon.  Opened up my bag started taking things out and no sports bra.  Well damn.  I can't run in the regular, not the right kind, and then what would I wear back to the office?  I did have 5 pair of socks, I suppose I could have fashioned something?  One of the women said you can borrow mine.  Ah, no.  I"ll just keep spare in the zipper part of my bag, just in case.

Lesson learned!

Tomorrow morning I can sneak in a short run and I should be able to get a long one in on Wednesday, perhaps a trail run!  Woot Woot!

Beth who isn't about to run in an inappropriate bra

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