Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Catch Up On Odds and Ends Wednesday (Rest Day)

Rest Day!  Time to catch up on odds and ends and spend an evening at home, ahhhh....


I didn't report back on how the Superfeet Insoles worked for yesterdays run.  Yes, I did wear them for my 6 mile mid day run on Tuesday.  They felt a little stiff and weird at first, like anything new takes a bit of a trial period to figure out what is going on.  I totally forgot they were in my shoes before the end of the first mile.  At the end of the sixth mile I did remember they were in there mostly because my heel didn’t have any ache to it.  I did ice my heel after the run and will continue to sleep in my boot.  I do think this insert will help me manage the PF heel pain and guide my strides to be less focused on hitting on the heel first!  Not sure if this is a forever or a temporary thing.

This really doesn't have anything to do with the insoles, but most days I feel sort of stiff if I sit for too long.  Last night upon getting up from the high top table I 'needed a minute' to stretch everything out.  I usually do when I sit at my desk for long periods of time.  My friend said "When do you turn 50?"  I said "5 years" She said "You aren't OLD enough for that crap and besides, your in decent shape, what gives?"  Honestly I hae no idea.  Anyone else out there have any thoughts on this?

I may try spending a few hours a day standing instead of sitting at work.  I can raise up my workstation to work standing.  I know, doesn't that seem a little weird? It does seem weird to me.  Then again, running a marathon seems a little weird to people to. Weirdness is all relative.


A couple weeks back I put out a plea for sponsorship for the Marine Corps Marathon.  This will be my first marathon,  I am running with the Lung Cancer Alliances's Team Lung Love.  A little bit about the Lung Cancer Alliance, their mission is to provide support to Lung Cancer patients and their families, advocate for more government funding for Lung Cancer treatment and early diagnosis program.  While I do have a donation goal, I am also respectful if people don't or can't donate.  If they did want to support me, they could still support me by nominating songs for my running play list.  Of course the donors could also nominate songs. This was the latest batch of nominees:

“Express Yourself”  Madonna
“Jump Rope”  Blue October
“Hate Me” Blue October
“Get A Grip” Aerosmith
“American Pie”  Don McLean
“Saturday Night” Bay City Rollers
“Flashdance…What A Feeling”  Irene Cara
“I Wanna Be Sedated”  Ramones
“I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend” Ramones
“Praise You” Fatboy Slim
“Right Here, Right Now” Fatboy Slim
“Enter Sandman” Metallica
“Leave Out All The Rest” Linkin Park
“You’re Gonna Go Far, Kid”  The Offspring
“Working My Way Back To You Babe” Frankie Valli & The Four Seasons
“We Will Rock You” Queen

No one is every voted off the play list unless I really can’t deal with it for whatever reason.  Just because “Mambo Number 5”  Lou Bega is on my list doesn’t mean absolutely ANYTHING goes, the fact “I’m Too Sexy”  Right Said Fred does, or so I’m told.

Anyhoodles a brief recap of getting used to some of the songs:

Aerosmith, I listened through the list at work and found I wasn’t a big fan of the song.  I was at my desk, and well the environment is fairly caustic, so consider the environment.  When Steven Tyler belched in my ear and told me to “Get a Grip” it was at the precisely right time during my Sunday long run, damn I love it when things work out like that, I was sold.  A long slow up-hill I had been dreading from the beginning of my run.  Don’t you hate it when you do that to yourself?  So I got a grip and got up that sloping long hill and was a better person for it.  Thank for getting me out of my own head for that span of time!

Fatboy Slim, oh good grief I had no idea who sung those song so when a friend said “Anything by Fatboy Slim”   actually she said “Anything by Fatman Slim”  220 221 whatever it takes.  I did the sneak peak listen on Amazon and went, wow, so cool I had no idea who ‘sung’ those songs.  I downloaded the whole album and may pick a couple more.  Awesome to run to, I can sing along and get lost in my head, beauteous!

Ramones, really Beth?  Why did you have no Ramones?  Perfect, for just pounding along and recalling a band from my youth that played a few Ramones covers their original 'melodies' were in that same style.

I’d of never added Madonna to my list, “Express Yourself” is perfect and was suggested because, my friend always does have a unique way of expressing herself and I can think of some of the crazy things we did together, way back when.

Hubb nominated "Working My Way Back to You Babe” while it is a little slow, it is always a reminder that eventually I will be back home.  Awww…

All the songs are appreciated and I think about the person who recommended them to me and just smile and run along lost in my thoughts, memories, or just taking in the beauty of my running routes.

I'm finally finishing a pair of socks I started knitting in February!  My goal was one pair a month for 2012.  Well that didn't happen.

Gus decided to experiment with 'free feeding' yesterday.  He ate too much, we aren't quite sure how much but he put a big dent in the food bag. We are switching foods so the 'new' food isn't in the container (with a screw top), and well he found the bag and nosed it open and had a ball.  Well, tonight at dinner he was not too hungry and a little scared of the food.  Hubb said he figured it out with the morning poop clean up.  There was A LOT of Gus poop... Poor guy.  We have the bag closed with a piece of granite on it to thwart further 'free feeding'.


Beth, relaxing

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