Sunday, September 16, 2012

We All Run For Something

Today was the 4th half marathon I have run in my running career, we are approaching the end of year #2 of me as a serious runner.  Seems like this is something I have always done, I suppose in a way I have...

I set a goal of 2:15, knowing my PR is 2:17.  Ok, so not really pushing it, but hey I have another 7 miles to run later to day to keep on track with my marathon training plan!!!  Cut a girl some slack.

I met my goal, at least according to my Garmin.

After laying out my racing outfit, I had a momentary concern that the temps (predicted to stay in the 50s until 10 a.m.) would be too cool.  Do I go with a short sleeve or a long sleeve shirt?  I went with short, and it was perfect.  Long would have been too much, plus it isn't really fall yet!  It was  BEAUTIFUL day for a race, cool, dry, breezy, who ordered this weather?  I want to tip them!!

It was pandemonium at the starting line.  2,000 runners I heard someone say.

I think that may be a little high, but we shall see when the official race results are published.  There were pace runners.  I lined up in the area of the 2:15, which was my goal and I figured this would help me to not blaze out of the gate.  Well the bazillion runners in front of me did help with that.  I kept it at a 10 m/m pace for mile 1.  Perfect.

We went out and around Weekapaug and were able to see the elite runners as they passed back towards the beach.

The first water stop was just that a STOP.  WOW!  I was not paying attention and smacked into someone, whoopsie.  I was off in my own la la land with the new tunes on the iPod!  The Weekapaug loop is nice, although the pavement is a little bumpy and you do need to watch where you are planning for your next foot fall or it could be a shocker if it is a hole or a bump!

Back towards the beach I was feeling really good, focusing on landing mid foot and PUSHING myself forward rather than landing heel and PULLING myself forward. My heel is in a bit of pain as I type this, but nothing like races or long runs previous.  I saw an older man with a shirt honoring his fallen son.  Later on in the race we both walked the same water stop.  I put my hand on his shoulder and said "I am truly sorry for your loss."  He said "Thank you."

Captain Ben "Pokey" Sammis MARINE Semper Fi

This made me think, we all run for something.  I run for Lung Cancer, well yeah, and to have long talks with Jack, mostly I run for my mom, for a cure / awareness / compassion about Lung Cancer.  This got me thinking about my race singlet for Marine Corps Marathon.  A dear friend lost her mother in February to Lung Cancer, Diane and my mother shared the same Oncologist and support groups, my mom says how weird it is to not see Diane and her husband Al in support group.  I think I want to have an additional mom on my race shirt.  I know my mom would be proud to share the space with Diane, I can only hope her daughter will agree, and I'm pretty sure she will.

There were lots of interesting shirts in the race.  I liked these two next best.

Chasing Down a Dream - Old Guys Rule
I have no doubt the woman in pink is going to achieve her dream.  She was clipping along brilliantly and had a smile on her face!  Makes me proud.   And well Old Guys Rule, well they do.  Someday my hubb may actually have gray hair, just a bit around the temples, for now he has his full head of thick sandy brown wavy hair.  He may not look like an old guy till he is in his 60's and possibly will never loose any hair.  Totally not what I am accustomed to coming from a family where the men loose their hair early and every one starts getting gray in their 20's.

We ran past the beach and down through Watch Hill.  What a beautiful place.  I figured out where my training run went wrong, route wise wrong.  I went up the longer sloping hill rather than the race courses steep get this over quick hill.  That was really the only hill and then it was down hill with a couple of mini hills until we reached the end.

I was so sad so see this girl start walking. I got up next to her and said, "you are doing great, you only have a little ways to go (0.2 miles) don't give up!"  She said she was on her 'walk break' and everything was OK.  Pshew I hate to see anyone, so close to the finish give up.

There were a couple of women in orange shirts they wizzed past me, well not wizzed but were going faster than I was.  Less than a half mile to go and it was time to get on my crazy legs, as did the women in orange.  The three of us just tore it up to the end.  Kind of nice to find other crazy legs in the chute.  I told them they were an inspiration for me to step it up and the one said to the other 'she made me and I think I am going to vomit'  I agreed that was a good idea.  My tummy had not felt right since the pre-race porta potty visit. *shudder*

Once through the chute, medal and water obtained. I ran into a former co-worker.  I could only remember his nick name "Buzz Light Year" (eventually I did remember his proper name) and said "Hey Buzz" and lifted up my sunglasses.  He said "Damn Beth how the hell are you?  How is Crazy Land?"  we bantered back and forth about Jackass (Work Husband), Number One Smart Guy, Shrek, and G-Dogg.  He isn't really enjoying the 'California Culture' of his new company, he said at least at Crazy Land if you pissed someone off they were right in your face about it and you could settle the issue, California Culture is full of backstabbers - he is slowly getting used to it.

Yep, he still looks like Buzz

A nice couple in the parking lot snapped a post race picture for me, I felt pretty damn good about what I had just spent the last 2 hours and 15 minutes doing.  It is lovely to feel proud of oneself, don't ya think?



Pace / Elevation

Beth who is feeling proud of herself.


  1. Hey! Congrats on your race! This was definitely an awesome race to run!

    Be very proud of yourself!!!

    1. Thanks!! Excellent job on your PR and placing, you are a speed demon!!!! It was a great course and a great day. B