Tuesday, September 11, 2012

9.11 Miles in the Books

Today, ah today, the anniversary of that horrible attack on our country and our peace of mind.  I remember where I was and what I was doing and who I was with.  I was at an out of town meeting.  The next day four of us piled in my rental car and drove back East.  I dropped off the three passengers safely to their families in CT and then myself in RI.  It was very surreal dropping the rental car off at the Providence Airport on the 13th of September, it was eerily quiet.

Today I dropped off my bestie at the Providence Airport so she could fly home.  Providence Airport was its usual self.  Comforting, in a way. I've flown several times on 9/11 in the last 11 years, just seems weird to be in an airport on that day.

So what to do with the rest of my day.  *drums fingers*  Well I had to deal with this whole DVR from the cable company and exchange...  gahhhh our ancient TV isn't compatible and I wasn't patient enough to have 'the guy' install it, or rather I didn't want to inconvenience hubb by having him wait around for 'the guy'.  I threw up my hands and said "That's it, we need a new TV."  Hubb said "You just want a new TV you barely watch the damn thing.  This all seems rather pointless."  Point taken.  The rather mundane and routine grocery shopping, vacuuming were mostly completed, laundry may have to wait...  Hubb took the youngest dog out for an adventure flying RC float planes with his buddies.  I went for a run.  My usual route.  It was lovely, really lovely.  I knew the route was about 9 miles, but when I checked my watch a few footsteps from home and it said 9.11  I stopped it.  Fate?


I thought about my friend who lost her boyfriend on 9/11, he was in one of the towers, he jumped, and how that affected her and still does.  A friend who worked in DC near the Pentagon and says it took a long time and Ativan to get things right again. Friends who had friends and family members in the air that day, in NYC and DC. Mostly I just let my mind take in the beauty of the cool day and the nearness of fall.  I think my pacing shows I was fairly relaxed on my usual hilly route and I just feel very centered right now.  Towards the end of the run I saw a shiny penny on the road.  Hmmm, pennies from heaven?

Tomorrow is back to work, the question is do I check my eMail or not?  I certainly will pack my running clothes to hopefully sneak in a run mid day!  Guess if I check eMail now I'll know what the day may have in store and head some issues off at the pass.


I am getting more consistent!  Someone asked how many calories I burned running, the Summary chart shows them.  Thought it was a reasonable question.


Pacing and Elevation


Beth who wishes all peace and harmony on this tragic anniversary.

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