Monday, September 3, 2012

Yoga on Monday? What is Going On?

Labor Day - A day to recognize the American worker who has done so much to move this country forward also known as 'the end of summer'.

No work for me today, yeah!  No TRX either, boo!

I started out my day with an 11 mile run.  It was awesome, I mean really awesome.  I just ran and enjoyed every step. The flags are out in our little down town and it looks sweet.

Downtown Westerly
Oh yeah and the intersection of chaos.
I'll have to get a better picture, later.

When I crossed the bridge into CT I noticed an area marked off with some yellow cones and some writing in chalk on the sidewalk.  The area was marked where one of the bikers that once hung out on the bridge used to park.  He is gone now.  This was a very nice memorial for him.  May he rest in peace.  

Parking Spot!


After cleaning up, stretching, icing my knee and foot, catching up on FB, and sending my mom a knitting pattern,  it was time to tackle the lawn.  I haven't edged in years, I felt the need to edge.  It was another well spent two hours of my life.  It looks fantastic.  Hubb said, "Holy cow, that is amazing"


I think it is a fitting way to honor the house.  Today, 13 years ago, is when we closed on this house.  It is also when Hubb asked me to marry him. *swoon*

The Westerly Community Yoga center had classes today, WOOT!  So I got my yoga on.  Hand stands were the pose we were building up for.  Heidi builds the class like my graduate school program was build, you take classes (do poses) in a particular order and the capstone course (pose) uses each of the elements you learned.   I can get my hips up over my shoulders over my hands, so I'm on my way to a full handstand, when the time is right.

The head should be hanging between the front paws, but you get the jist!

My run was great, the weather was great, I felt great, it was just great.  I was so loving it and the whole experience reminded me of why I love to run.  I was running, I was lost in my thoughts, I was enjoying the scenery.  Edging was great, I mean really look at the results, I love it when I can see the results.  Yoga never disappoints.

My stats:

Not too bad.  Getting a little more consistent in pacing.

Same old same old!
My pace is starting to even out!!!  Mile 4.25 is where the little spur is off to the Greenhaven Marina facilities!

Beth, who is totally feeling the running vibe, hell the whole being ALIVE and loving it vibe!

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