Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Monday, no Wednesday, Argh?

Back to work for me today.  Wow.  I really tuned out while I was gone.  Good thing because it was crazy when I got in.  I did sneak a peek at the Blackberry last night to see if I had any early meetings or things had gotten jumbled around.  The same 8 a.m. meeting was on my schedule and the rest of the meetings were jumbled around.  I packed my running gear with the thought of running Bluff Point after work.  5:00 rolled around and my new shoes were killing my feet and I wanted to do something outside with less impact.  I'll take the Old Fogies to the park and stroll.  Arrived home to find Hubb had taken the Old Fogies and left the Idiots.  Well that isn't going to work.  Jax is going to take off like a bat out of hell when I let him out of the car, so shit.  Checked to be sure there was a Yoga class.  Yep. Mike, never had a class with him so lets give it a shot.

Hubb got home with the Old Fogies they had a wonderful time getting out.  I skittered off to Yoga, which was a Monday activity once up on a time, and has turned into a Friday activity due to TRX on Mondays.  Confusion abounds, is today my Monday or Wednesday or Friday, see confusing based on the activities. Tomorrow is Thursday, when I usually run hills, but will be in NY.  I'll run the hilly trail on Friday.  Surftown Half Marathon on Sunday so my long run is partially taken care of.  I'll have to sneak in an additional 7 or 10 miles, we shall see what the old legs feel like attempting post race.

Yoga was all about opening up and peace.  Lots of shoulder opening and hip opening.  I needed that.  How is it things conspire to give me what I need when I need it?  Am I truly that lucky? or blessed?  Who knows. I was more prepared for a Heidi class, Mike is more pose oriented than vinyasa oriented.  Nice change of pace.

My legs feel great after yesterday's run. The PF isn't bothering me so much.  The boot I wear at night and the strap seem to be working.  I wonder if these will be forever things or if I will be able to strengthen enough to not use the props.  For now I just want to get through Marine Corps Marathon, I want to start and I want to finish. After that I'll experiment with what I can and cannot do.  We are 6 weeks away so now is not the time for anything new!

I am truly amazed at how quickly I recover from my long runs.  Once upon a time 8 miles would take me out for two days (the day of the run and the next day I would still hobble a bit).  Now I'm up and at 'em the next day with no residual pain.  Very cool this human body and how it strengthen and adapts.

Beth who is lacking pictures today but is full of hope and promise for the future.

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