Wednesday, September 19, 2012


Another hill session tonight.  A couple friends suggested a hill in a neighboring town.  It was a about a 1.5 mile run TO said hill.  Not bad, good warm up.  I wasn't quite feeling like running tonight, but I begged off taking all four dogs to the beach to run hills.  I better run hills, damn it.

Isn't he a beauty? 70 feet in elevation over 0.2 miles.  Puffy heart!


Arriving home I found a package waiting for me!  Woot!  A Nathan water belt, the new one with the zippered pocket and all four bottle with race caps.  Hubb said, "You need two of these belt things?"  I said "Yes, like you need an entire room filled with RC plane kits."

Half of the room

I washed out the bottle for the new Nathan (it is pink, so cute) and filled them with water.  Changed over the iPhone holder.  The iPhone fits in the zipper part but I wasn't sure how well a pack of GU chomps would work.  Doubted I needed them I wasn't going to run more than 5 or 6 miles I figured.  But always good to test stuff out.  The belt is a little bouncier than my fuel belt, I think this is because the belt is more meshy and lighter and doesn't fit as snugly.  I should have gone down one size.  It sat nice on my hips and a mile or so in I wasn't even really aware of it.  Just like my Fuel Belt.  I know I wasn't going out on a long run, why bring that much water?  Well, I was running hills and I did want to see how my new toy worked and frankly I'm over feeling like a big geek wearing the thing.

To get to that hill there was a little hill at the bottom of the street and a rail road crossing. The evening train was coming so I ran up the hill to the crossing, back down and by the time I got back up the train had passed so now it was on to the 'real' hill.  He is a beauty.  Slow slope in the beginning and then a whoop up to the top.  It was fun.  I felt more power each time I went up.  All 5 times.  It was starting to get late and my PF foot was squawking a little.  I do have a 20 mile run this weekend, so I need to not injure myself prior to it or DURING it.

I walked back down the hill.  I wanted the more extensive recovery and to save my knees a little bit.


Aren't the little hills cute?

My pacing was decent.
Beth who ran hills and is happier for it

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