Friday, September 14, 2012

Yoga Detox

As I was leaving work Work Hubb and the boyz were gathered around the computer and the last thing I heard was "What it this the Who's Who of the Dork Squad?" and peals of laughter.  Yeah, it was time to go.  I headed out with my workout bag and my computer to "Hey aren't you running tonight?"  "Did ya know Number One Smart Guy is getting his Birthday Candle Blown Out."  All I could do was groan at their antics and ponder how wonderful it would be to lay down (or is it lie down) for 30 minutes and then contemplate my next steps in the day.  

Half way through the 20 minute drive home I decided to get a pedicure and went off to the nail place.  After a bit of a toing and froing about my second toe on my left foot, the one that is nailess and that he should just leave it alone please, let the nail grow back in peace.  The second toe on my right foot will lose it's nail at some point, but not quite yet so he was welcome to treat that like the rest.  We got on to business with the pedicure and the real reason I go, for the calf and foot massage.

Run and risk messing up the polish or Yoga?  Yoga it is.  Friday night is a Detox class, so not as intense, perfect.  Heidi did different asanas to detox for each of the days.  Friday's detox was a twist then shavasana.  Lovely class, as it usually is.  I'm feeling far more centered than when I went in and I was on the verge of a hot mess based on a text I had sent pre-class.  Wowza, way to show your ass Beth...

Tomorrow will be a short run, 5 miles just to loosen myself up and burn off some of the extra calories I have consumed.  I have a 1/2 marathon on Sunday 7:30 a.m. start.  The Surftown Half from Misquamicut to Weekapaug to Misquamacut to Watch Hill and back to Misquamicut.  I ran this course a few weeks ago.  Remember the breast cancer survivor Deb?  Wonder if I will see her.  

Beth, centered and calm

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