Saturday, June 23, 2012

Good lord did I last post on the 5th of June?  I did take a little vacation away from reality and life, so that accounts for 9 days of the lost 18, lets chalk 2 up to prep and recovery and now we are at a loss of 7 days...

My Marathon training starts in earnest on the 25th, Monday.  This gives me 18 weeks to built up my body to prepare physically for the 26.2 mile I will run with Lung Cancer Alliance's Team Lung Love during the Marine Corps Marathon on October 28th, in Washington, D.C.  Mental preparation, who knows.  Anyone have any suggestions?

I ran during my vacation, logged 35 miles, thanks to two runs of 10 miles each I either didn't read the map right or got lost, so there you have it.  I can get lost in a circle.  Wonder if I can get out of a wet paper bag with a toothpick too?

Not really sure what I want to accomplish here, other than logging my training and getting into the habit of writing every day.  I suppose I should let friends know I am writing this so I can get feedback?

Sometimes it is nice to just blather on to someone, but I am never really sure if they appreciate my blathering or it is just an annoyance.  I once had a co-worker who said he enjoyed my stream of consciousness eMails because they first gave him insight into how my twisted mind worked and second they also gave him an alternate way to look at a problem.  This didn't prompt unnecessary stream of consciousness eMails to be sent, maybe more to be composed and then reflected upon later.  I do miss working with him, doubtful I will ever have the opportunity as he has relocated to Northern WI and there is no way my husband is going to be willing to re-locate there no matter how much money I make!

The inner geek in me drafted a training plan, albeit a bit optimistic, in excel.  I just need to fit in the miles and I should be well prepared for the 3 half marathons, and 15K this summer topping off with a Marathon before the winter trail series starts.

Tomorrow I am volunteering, traffic and safety for a local triathlon.  I am hoping for mucho inspiration watching and cheering on these athletes.

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