Tuesday, June 5, 2012

We had a few hour reprieve from the relentless rain.  I took two dogs to the beach, hubb took two dogs to the field.  We now have four exhausted dogs! Yeah!

The three miles on the beach wore me out a bit to. All the storms have churned up the very soft sand and walking definitely expended a few more calories then usual!

I had the two G boys, which is a switch up.  Usually I have the old fogies and hubb has the young ones.  Fortunately G the first was not trying his damdest to influence G the second to be a bad dog and we had a mostly pleasant walk, except for the parts where the beach is narrow due to the Piping Plover fence off...

No running today.  Tomorrow, for National Running Day I am breaking in a new pair of shoes.  Totally different than my usual Asics Kayano, we were supposed to do something different.  Hope this qualifies.

My panic about mapping routes for my vacation is settling in.  I will do that on Thursday, most likely because work has decided to get crazy, of course, the moment they find you are going on vacation chaos abounds!

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