Sunday, June 24, 2012

Volunteered for a local Sprint Triathlon and Olympic Distance Triathlon this morning.  I didn't look at the course map and really had no idea what this was all about.  Fortunately this did not deter me from being helpful.  My job was to stop pedestrians from crossing a pedestrian bridge which was part of the race course.  Most people were OK with clearing off the course.  There was one little girl, 2 maybe 3 who I would have love to have kicked as she stared at me with this 'die bitch die' look in her eye after I asked her nicely to get off the path because there were runners coming.  Let me just say that I didn't say anything nice to the little girl after that and her mother had to drag her off the course.  SO yeah, there is a mean girl in training, right there.  What is it with all these lenient parents, kids should be respectful of adults AND terrified of them...

Anyhow, it was somewhat inspiring to see all these people running, swimming, and biking.  Not nearly as mind boggling as the marathon runners at the Gansett Marathon, but what do I know from Marathons to Tris?  So I'll put one of these on my list for next year and begin working on the swimming part.  I am NOT a strong swimmer, in fact I am a teensy bit scared of the water, so this should be interesting.  I can bike, mountain bike so how hard could street biking be.  Wonder if I'd have to buy a new bike, hmmm.....

Today was a 'long run' well 6 miles on the beach with not shoes I don't know if that qualifies as long, but it sure was fun!  I think I may have a little blister developing on my left big toe, either from my hike in the woods with Jax yesterday or the 6 miles on the beach.  Who gets a blister when they run in sand?

18 weeks from now I will have finished my first marathon.  Krikies, hard to believe it is 4.5 months away.

*bites nails*

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