Friday, June 29, 2012

Today is a rest day.  Boy did I need it!!!  Between starting a TRX class and over doing it a bit and then upping my weekly mileage, yep, no running was a good idea.

On the schedule was Yoga, so maybe not a total rest day, more an easy day?  How is a rest day defined?  In any event, Yoga.  We celebrated our legs and feet tonight.  I owe mine a great deal.  They get me from place to place quite nicely.  They put up with being stuffed in shoes, with being stuffed in 4.5" pumps from time to time.  They enjoy being left free to roam the beach with just toenail polish to adorn them.  They also garner me compliments from passing strangers.  Who doesn't appreciate a "Nice gams honey" or "Nice thighs" or "Killer calves" from time to time?

I took my lovely and wonderful legs and feet for a walk on the beach with my elder dogs to celebrate the end of the week and my legs and feet.  Dorky?  Perhaps.  But all in all my other choice was to go see "Magic Mike"  which I will take myself to see at some point.  My dogs, my tootsies, and my gams however, are far more important and deserving of my attention.

And my girl certainly took the opportunity to scrub off a little bit of energy.  Love her!

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