Thursday, June 28, 2012

3.5 miles on the trail today.  I love Bluff Point.  I really really do.

The route is about 3.6 miles, for the main loop, there are variations of the loop you can do, a steep uphill climb to the left at about 0.8 miles in takes you to a break point where you can continue on the Bluff Point trail or head out to Mumford Cove and hook into the Haley Farm trail.  Or you can do the loop, and have the benefit of the nice long slope down to the end to really push it to the finish line.

All in all a great run.

I do love this trail, it was one of my very first accomplishments as a runner.  Took me 49 minutes the first time around and I can clip it out in about 30.   Not to shabby.

I am loving running with the water bottle, although my neck muscles would say differently.  I need to RELAX.  Yeah, right.

Tomorrow is a rest day, yoga in the evening, the hubb is out to boyz night and I think I may take myself to see Magic Mike after yoga.

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