Saturday, June 30, 2012

Saturday Beach Run!

6 miles on the beach this morning.  No shoes, no tunes, just the feel of the sand in my toes and the sound of the surf in my ears.  I got a bit of a late start.  Intended on getting up at 6 and heading out the door.  The alarm went off, and I didn't get up.  Lazy I suppose?  Or in need of more sleep?  In any event I was out the door after 8 and some what reluctantly...  by mile 3 I was in the grove and happy to be out running and kicking myself for delaying.

The wind was at my back, which made for a bit of a sweaty run.  Approaching the Charlestown Breachway the seaweed made the ocean look like Borscht and smell even worse.  When I touched the rocks on the breachway and turned around, I felt the breeze and smelled the smell a bit stronger.  But wow, it was nice to run into the breeze.

Love the elevation map from the run.  All of 10 feet.

My pace of 11:39 may not be stellar, but hey it was in the sand and barefoot and this is my fun run for the week.  I will make this a tradition to start my Saturdays, when I am not racing.  My Saturday run schedule per 'the plan' varies, but hey, once the plan it put together it sort of goes out the window right?

It is pretty though, isn't it?

Took a nice hour long nap this afternoon.  I may have over done either the running or the drinking or both last week.  Or just underdone (is that a word) the sleeping/recovery?

Tomorrow is a 10 mile run, in-land, with a co-worker.  I'm nervous and excited.  He is a speed racer and I am a distance slogger, so it could very well be interesting.  He is hoping I help him with distance and I am hoping he helps me with my speed.  Could be a match made in heaven or hell... only time will tell.

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