Monday, December 17, 2012

2012 Drawing to a Close

I left work with Jackass giving me a hug and a kiss saying, "You've had an awesome year, it has been fun cheering you on.  See you next year unless we can get together for drinks over the break."  We are off the 24th - 28th, with everyone but me taking the 31st off.  I'm not wasting a vacation day...  Hopefully the guys and I and the spouses can get together for drinks over the break.  If not I made them all some rum balls.  I'm a girl after all and like to do these dorky homey things.

It is hard to believe we are nearing the end of the year.  I finished up my self review at work with the goals I had set out how they were achieved or delayed and the other things that were not on the plan and accomplished due to always changing business needs.

Runningwise I set a goal to run 1 race a month in 2012, continuing on from running one race Oct, Nov, Dec of 2011.  Athlinks tells me I ran 14 races last year.  Definitely my goals!  I should go count my bibs to see if it all matches... I'm sure I have more than 14 bibs from last year...

The last race I ran in 2011 was a 5K trail race in Wakefield RI, at Old Mountain Field, this is part of Off Rhode Racing 4th Season Trail Race.  The race director set a series of 5 races for the winter, with the last ending in March when the time changes back to Daylight Saving Time.  The cost to enter is a minimal fee plus two canned goods to go to the Johnnycake Center.  The last series raised over 1,000 lbs of food! 

Sunday was the kick off for the second year of the series.  The course was a bit different and more challenging.  Instead of a good distance of  wide open spaces the race director kept it to the first 0.1 and last 0.1 being open field and the rest were single track.  Which means you need to pick your place early on in the race.

I picked a nice pace, not a fast pace, and was semi-content to run at the end of a string of runners were were less aggressive than I am on the trails.  Not that I am wickedly aggressive, I do push myself to jump over stumps and rocks and pick a route over obstacles that doesn't require me to stop and walk across and obstacle.  I do love running through the mud...  It was a little frustrating.  However passing on single track takes A LOT of energy and was a I willing to expend that much that early in the race and risk having them pass me later or just end up passing me on a less technical part of the trail?  I ran conservatively until the last mile.

A woman in pink over took the glom of us, 9 runners I think.  There were some nice S curves coming up ahead and perfect for over taking someone and getting more than a few steps ahead of them.  She over took. I over took. Then she slowed down and I over took her.  I felt great, and confident and then WHOMP tripped over a rock and I was down, she whizzed past me.  Oh well.  I lost my cadence.  Ok I gave up a little bit, too.  There was no way I was going to beat my time of last year, well perhaps there was...  I finished strong on the nice wide open flat.  The next race in the series is the 6th of January Beach and Trail in Narragansett.

Comparison of this year to last year...  Interesting, eh?
Final Position
AG Place
40-49 F

Sunday afternoon was reserved for the most awesome massage therapist in the world to come over and un-stick my sticky muscles.  As I screamed and writhed in pain I could hear Hubb downstairs chuckling.  He said, "You seriously find benefit in that torture?"  I assured him that I do.  He shakes his head and says he will never understand me sometimes.  I really really need to make friends with my foam roller more often.  Amy just said "Beth you are a mess."  I am feeling exhausted and must more flexible.  That was the point, right?  Tonight over dinner he said, "You seem a lot less stiff, I'm surprised.  I hate massages."  Well, to each his own, right?

Tonight was TRX, what happens in TRX stays in TRX, I took the opportunity to tell a story I've been DYING to tell.  OMG, it felt so good to tell it in a safe environment we all got a bit of a chuckle and the others shared similar stories.  Ah.....  Do you have any safe environments you can let your ass show and not have any repercussions?

In what I can report on TRX, I managed 6, yes 6 plank rolls on the right side with out having to cheat by resting my elbow.  On the left 8, but I cheated a bit with a teeny rest on the elbow.  Hoorah!  I'm happy with that progress.  Last week I couldn't even get one unassisted on either side.

Oh goodness this is full of words and no pictures....  well sorry folks...  next time?

I could show you my knitting?

Beth, master of the plank roll (well at least for today)

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