Saturday, December 1, 2012


Between work and life in general I was wiped out emotionally and physically on Friday.  Couple that with getting out of work later than planned, not being able to find my check book, realizing I hadn't let my water bottle dry and it was moldy, and just feeling rather toxic meant that it was really important I honor my commitment to myself to go to Yoga Detox on Friday nights. I really just wanted to dive into the bottle of Jameson Gold Reserve I received from an Irish colleague.  I reminded myself of my commitment to Yoga and I would feel much better and appreciate my special bottle of Irish whiskey all that much more AFTER yoga and a few errands.

The pose of the night was bhujapidasana.  This requires quite a bit of hip, core, and lower back warm up and opening.  Of course arm strength and balance once in the pose.  Heidi got us all warmed up and then demonstrated the pose, all I could think was, wow, we were really going to be pretzels tonight!

Bjujapidasana - Shoulder Pressing Balance

Pretty cool, eh?

After a quick trip to the grocery store and a protracted process of trying to figure out how to get AT the bottle of Jameson in its fancy schmancy box I did get to settle in and enjoy this fine whiskey.  Ahhhh...  Nice end to the work week and a welcome to the weekend.

For whatever reason, perhaps a dog's foot in my face? or another dog insisting on sharing my pillow AND snoring (I can deal with the pillow sharing, the snoring, not so much)? or the cloudy, gray, raw day?  Getting out of bed was not a priority and not pleasant.  Eventually it had to happen.

My facebook post this a.m. was "Smith woke up grouchy, now she is going for a run maybe that will help? Blargh"

I did run and I did feel better.  Maybe it was just getting up.  Maybe it was just getting out.  Maybe it was just doing something. Maybe it was the random play list.  I flipped the shuffle on shuffle and was given this play list:

Captured after the fact!  So cool!!  Yes the weirdest things make me smile.

Somehow each song helped me reflect on the last week and lightened my mood.  Starting with The Cars telling me "Let's Go" to the Paper Birds "Lost Boys" helping me up that first hill ending with Kid Rock reminding me summer will be here before I know it.  I really focused on just running and moving forward.

"Music expresses that which cannot be put into words and cannot remain silent."  -- Victor Hugo

"Without music, life would be an error."  -- Friedrich Nietszche

How does, or does music influence you?  What are some of the songs that get you out of a funk? What are some of the songs on your play list?


Spikes were where I had to wait for traffic lights.  Not to shabby for a grouch!

Beth, a bit less grouchy!


  1. you ever notice that most photos of people doing yoga poses are very weird photos?
    hmmm. Either people that do yoga are all weird, or there should be a huge market for a good yoga photographer out there.

    anyways, i feel less grouchy after reading your post.

    1. Thanks Rod! Have to say I never noticed the pictures were weird... hmmm... Glad you feel less grouchy! Beth