Thursday, June 18, 2015

Weekly Recap: 6/15 - 6/21 - My big fat week of ZEROS! (final)


Monday - Wednesday - NYC for big important meeting, I barely got any walking in.  Meeting was a roaring success.  I suppose since work is what pays the bills it's time for it to take center stage, even if for a week.

Thursday - restday - knitting - knitting buddy forgot her shit. Really?  I got home after 11 last night and I remembered my shit, really?    Meanwhile work overtakes the day with all the stuff that didn't happen in the last three days and the meager progress I made on projects in the last three months.  I need a vacation!

Oh, low tide is 4:15 maybe a bike run bike brick to Watch Hill is in order. 

Result:  I got a pedicure, the oil changed in Vinnie, and walked the dogs.

Funny story -   I had a little mishap with a pole, a couple weeks ago.  I was backing out of a parking space and clipped the pole.  CRUNCH!  So Vinnie has a little boo boo involving his left front quarter panel, headlamp, and apparently lots of other things up there.  The guy that did the review said, "Well miss you really messed a lot of stuff up."  Hey if you are going to do a thing, do it well?

So as the guys were driving Vinnie out of the oil change place.  I mustered up a look of horror and said "WHAT DID YOU DO TO MY CAR!!"  (trying my best NOT to laugh) They all looked at each other and I winked at one of them and they played along.  John did it!  No Chris did it!  We all had a bit of a chuckle.  No, there weren't any other customers, I wouldn't do that to them, I'm sure someone would find a way to be offended and one of them would suffer as a result. 

Friday - "Travel to New Hampshire maybe a bike ride, I don't see why not... I'm not competing up the rock pile on Saturday and I need some fun and I miss my bike."

Result:  I did get to NH, and trying to organize people is never easy... no ride, just a lot of walking and socalizing.

Saturday - "Mt. Washington Auto Road "Race" yeah race, ha ha ha..." 

Result:  My goal was 18:25 pace for 2:20.    The weather was perfect!  My glutes had other ideas!  I ached out a 2:32:11 and enjoyed the views.  Race report to come.

Sunday - "I'm bringing my bike I don't see why I can't get in a ride before I drive back to RI." 

Result:  And RAIN!  Stinkaroo!!!  I got a couple dog walks in before the fireworks ending the concert in the park sent Gizmo, old, slow, deaf, Gizmo scurrying home. It was like he was 10 again!  I had no idea he could still move that fast or that coordinated.  He heard the booms, looked up in the sky and saw the flame bursts, looked at me with this "Holy crap Beth the world is ending, we must go home." and took off scurrying at a frantic pace looking over at the sky he must have been sensing impending doom!

Beth, lamenting there is just a bit more of her after a week of resting and eating

6/22 - FINAL  (and actually getting on the scale did not produce a budge in the usual number)

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  1. Was wondering why I hadn't seen any Strava posts from you in a while. Enjoy NH, as we prepare for competing in a rainstorm here.