Thursday, June 4, 2015

Weekly Recap: 6/1 - 6/7 (final)





JP Morgan Corporate Challenge






Monday -  AKA Meeting Monday.  Erratically spaced meetings, with the kicker 10:30 - 1:30 meeting, left little time for running or eating lunch or getting actual work done.  TRX was good, Joy was telling us this is just as good or even better than weight training with weights.  I'm good with that, keeping that though in mind as I motivate myself to add in a second session.  The rain kept me away from a dog walk of any length to record.  Besides Map My Run has been either shorting me miles or adding them - think I'll use Strava for a while, much better recording.  I also use WoofTrax as they donate money to the local shelter for every mile walked.  It's not a lot, however with rescue every penny really does count.  I can't actually go to the shelter or I'd have a car full of dogs and cats and who knows what else.  Donate money or stuff, I'm capable of that.  Looking in those sad lonely eyes breaks my heart.  

Tuesday - Back to the hills!  Ro was out with meetings.  Dave's daughter is getting married on Saturday and he has a week worth of  honey do's.  It was just Steve and I.  We had fun with the arduous task.  Someone was also moving into a house on School Street and it seemed like the same point in the hill they'd be carrying a box across the street.  It finally came down to grunts of "Happy Ground Hog Day" and "She keeps telling me there is beer at the top of this hill."  It was funny.   On the run back to campus we realized we shorted by one hill, today should have been 11.    I think we should count the big ass hill we have to climb up to get to School St.  I'm not getting much support, for this, though...  

Wednesday - "National Running Day or some such thing, so I must run!"   Lunch meeting again, I did carve out a bit of time after that to sneak in a run.  The has subsided leaving behind unseasonably chilly temps, so I can finish up a few more of my stouts and porters, perfect weather for these!  I took a ride to the beach with a couple goals in mind.  To check out a house a friend is looking at and see what I could do about my time on a segment on a nice straight flat segment at the beach.  I got the segment!  But then looking later I think I may have already  had it and it isn't a very active segment.  But still, I got it active or not, I needed the little ego boost.  This trip to the beach reminded me I need to look up the tide charts for the summer to find the optimal time to run the beach!

Thursday - "NY and the JP Morgan Corporate Challenge.  A second opportunity to run in Central Park and to run with Tanya!"

Tanya and Neil and I met in the lobby at 6, a wee bit to late to make it for the team picture at 6:25 in Central Park.  We had our own!  We picked up Ravi along the way!!

Me, Tanya, Neil, Ravi

The race starts at 7 for the elites, the ones with the red bibs.  NOT US!!  We wandered our way to the start line over the course of about oh, 40 minutes?  Neil and I bonded over talking about bikes and bike parts and components and computers and him trying to help me not trip over the barriers. I swear I am walking through life half in the bag and I am completely sober.  I'm a little concerned but really it's kind of nice, in that half in the bag sort of way.    Ravi told tales of his first Iron Man through NYC and how he read all the rules, he is a lawyer, they like rules and that he could stop to drink while on the bike, he never really mastered the whole drinking and riding thing.  Per the rules it was completely ok.  Through the whole walk, it had to be more than a mile, through the starting corrals he obsessed over being a walker and going too soon and disqualifying the whole company.  He is on the injured list and running is not on his approved list.  

Well at the end he ran nearly the whole thing and didn't disqualify the team.

For sure I, as well as Tanya (who smoked me, kudos girlfriend) and Neil ran the whole thing and bobbed and weaved through the runners and walkers.  It was so cool to pass people.  It was even cooler hearing from both Tanya and Neil that I looked so at ease running like it was the easiest thing in the world, loping along at my calm pace.  Holy hell I was running for my life!!!  Considering I'd been up since 5 a.m. (not my usual get up time) and sitting through a day of meetings I was feeling pretty good for a 7:40 p.m. cross the start mat!

It was fun.  I would do it again. Seeing all the corporate teams out there in their uniforms was so cool.  And I do love running through Central Park.  After riding the train home post run  (Tanya pointed out a clean for Grand Central bathroom - I changed into non sweaty clothes) it wasn't so bad.  Even getting home at nearly 1 a.m. was OK.  I took Friday off. 

Friday - "Day off, to recover from Thursday and visit with the first Nephew, he is stopping on the East Coast for a little college scouting and family time with his grandparents and cousins and the dorky Uncle and Aunt in RI with the collection of dogs, on his way to visit his mom and siblings in France.  Running the hill with Jennifer and then hopefully staying awake to wander down to the Malted Barley to see Hip Bobsha."

The nephew didn't stay the night, pshew.  I spent the day on the couch alternating between napping with Gizmo and Jax and a few chores.  Gus isn't much of a snuggler, he stopped by for a few pets.  

Four miles of dog walks between Giz and Jax and I headed off to The Malted Barley for some entertainment.  

Entertained I was!! Between Hip Bobsha, seriously my WTAC bretheren why  have you not stopped out to see Seth in his other passion, totally awesome!!  Solidifying my point all bass players are awesome!  

And there was the crowd.  Two 25 year old girls stated this was not the place to pick up boys.  I couldn't agree more.  The asked "Did I know where to pick up boys?"  Well, um, after I got their ages and realized I was old enough to be their mother, I thought, well let's not go into my thoughts, I said, "I have no earthly idea."  They said well we are in grad school to meet boys and all we meet are old guys, like in their 30's.  SIGH....  Cute girls too, seemed like they had good heads on their shoulders.  Probably why they can't meet age appropriate boys, 30 and 40 year olds would go for them in an instant, they think and carry on conversations...  anyhoodles, as the respectable 20 somethings peeled out of the bar in search of their soulmates (I hadn't the heart to tell them I met mine through my younger brother), we were left with the bar flies.  Not much different than the bar flies of my 20's well with the drinking age being strictly enforced and an easy state line to cross to be in a lower drinking age 21+.  Full war paint and attitude.  It was entertaining. 


Saturday - "Bike or Run - Dave is off for his second bike race of the year leaving me with charge of the dogs and carrying Gizzy up and down the stairs, this should be fun... "  I cleaned, it needed to be done... 

Sunday - "Run - I really gotta start getting in some double digit runs on the weekends"  I biked, it was fun, would have been nice for a run, I felt like biking.   Found 5 bucks!  That will go in Gizmo's Dairy Queen bank, he's got $8 in there right now, thinking he won't be able to walk to and from so I'll drive him.  He is old, he likes his vanilla bowl.  Maybe a blizzard for me and Dave, the pup is loaded! That is all!

Beth, wondering where the first 5 months of the year went, heck how is it possible the eldest nephew is 16 this summer and considering college?

Initial draft: 6/2/15
Initial Published:  6/4/15
Updated 6/6/15
Final 6/7/15


  1. I agree! how is it June already? Have a great weekend!

  2. Hip Bobsha: only haven't seen because I can't stay up that late. Does Seth and his band have a senior citizen matinee show?
    Lower age across the state line: Yes, indeed. Drinking age was 19 in CT, so we would go to Al's Café (what's now CC O'Briens).
    Old guys, like in their 30s???

    1. Jeff - I took a nap so I could stay up past 10!!! I was out till 1 a.m. well past my curfew as I found out when I got home. Sheesh... The old guys comment really cracked me up too!!!