Sunday, May 31, 2015

Weekly Recap - 5/25 - 5/32 (or the week I walked more than I ran) - FINAL


 Hills x 10
 Back to the beach!
 Hills or the regular loop
 Volunteer / Run?


How is it possible May is nearly over?  Where did it go?

Monday - Dog walk.  Still feeling like crap.  Puttered around doing house chores and finishing up Sons of Anarchy.  I like the way it ended.   It was a pretty gruesome show, all in all.  There were touching moments from time to time.  I'm stunned how one woman's lies can create and bring down and empire.  That wasn't the whole story but what stuck with me through most of the series.   I'm also amazed at the brain power it takes to plot and plan and strategize the gang wars and take overs.  What if this was harnessed for good, not just getting a bigger part of the gun trade?  Then again ultimately all the bad guys, the bad guys of the moment, were off the street.  Facinating.

Gus is one of my favorite dogs to walk, he stays on task, doesn't take too long to relieve himself or sniff something interesting. For the most part he ignores other dogs and people, and will be guided away from them no sideways glances.  He got a nice long walk and Gizzy got his mile. 

Tuesday - Back to the hills.  10 x School Street, starting from the bottom of the hill and omitting the flat part.  I like that, way shorter recovery however I can really focus on the hill part. 

I messed up on the lap button on two sets, all in all I like what I'm seeing here:

Seems consistent and a valid effort is being put in for this 1/10 of a mile hill.  Perhaps I need to find a longer hill?  I'm not sure.  I think this is a solid effort and it has paid off.  Stairs on Friday seemed way easier!  I even ran one set with 8 lbs of bricks in a back pack.

If I can get rid of the cough plague thing I get in the spring Mt. Washington may be a little 'easier' this year.  2:25 was my time last year, pace of 18:57.  Think I'll shoot for 18:25 pace for a 2:20 climb up the rock pile.  I'm trained differently this year.  I won't be a month out from an ultra, however I have been diligent about hill work, which I did none in prep for Mt. Washington last year.

Dunno.  I will enjoy the run up the rock pile, I remember points of wanting to throw myself off it and I remember points of being in absolute awe of nature and the beauty of the Whites.  All part of the process.
My mindset about running and racing is shifting.  The Marine eMailed: "When are we doing a race together?  My 1st tri is the 6th. You still doing Mt. Washington Century?" I could only muster up "Definitely Mt. Washington, leave me in the dust and you'll pay sweetie, you'll pay.  Ummm can't we  go for a run? That would be way more enjoyable."  I never really had that competitive edge in me, I do this for fun, not to be able to be better than someone else.

I always love the  "women should lift each other up not put each other down" memes, hmmmm maybe that's all I'll say on that for now.

Wednesday - Meetings are over taking the block on my calendar to run.  I've got myself wrapped up in a couple very cool projects and well...   since Jennifer and I missed our Tuesday ride to the old sickie her she suggested 4 at the beach, with some walking.  I said how about 5 with an 11 pace.  So we were 11:30, feh whatever.  It was a nice run.  I had all these memories about one of our foster dogs come flooding back.  I was happy to babble on about these crazy dogs.  Jennifer kept saying sorry and just go.  I refused.  I had a captive audience for my babbling, she wasn't getting off that easy! 

Lola, the neurotic aggressive lunatic, boy did she have a sad history and she was only 6 months old when we got her.  

I used to get up at 5 and walk her from the town beach to the breechway (3 miles round trip) every morning.  It was the only time there were very few people around and rarely another dog.  She was a lunatic who could barely deal with the wind let alone a person or heaven forbid another dog.  She would be terrified and then want to rip it's throat out.  After a few months she did mellow and could be around other dogs with out going ballistic.  I can't even imagine the abuse she suffered at the hands of her first 'owners'.   We had her for 6 months an in that time she and Gizmo bonded, that took a few weeks, they bonded when Gizmo started barking at the water meter reader and Lola thought this would be fun so she joined in and they were friends from that point forward.   I doubt Gizmo really enjoyed this friendship, he always gave her a sideways glance.  Her favorite place to sleep was on top of Gizmo.  He would curl up in a wing back chair and snooze and she would climb on top of him and curl up and snooze.  I can't find any of the pictures, it was hysterical!  Well for us, not so much for Gizzy.  She was successfully introduced to another dog, Diesel, Dave snuck her in the house, and when he appeared from the basement she was a bit confused but since he didn't come through the front door he must have always been here?  She and Diesel bonded barking at the UPS man plus Diesel was always up to play rough and she liked that, of course she did.  

I hadn't thought about Lola for a while.  Crazy girl.  She went to a single dog home in Riverside RI.   Sometimes we wonder mostly we wish them the best!

These aren't the best but all I could find.  I thought I had some really nice ones of her... hmmm

She was very tough looking
She was also very innocent looking

Thursday - "Run - maybe hills maybe not"

Yeah, maybe not.  This week kicks of a massive corporate wide project aka "big hairy audacious goal (BHAG)" for me and falling smack dab in the middle of it is divisional meeting aka "kind of a big deal meeting".   I needed at least a half an hour to clear my head and focus.  Down to the beach and back and felt better for it and was able to get myself set up nicely for the BHAG kicking off next week and able top rehersal for "kind of a big deal meeting" oh yeah and the JP Morgan Corporate Challenge.

I walked the dogs more miles than I ran today.  It was fun, OK, no it wasn't Jax gets a C- and I am grading easy, on his walk.  Between wanting to chase cars (for those that don't know we ended up with him after he got by his first "owners" truck - apparently he never learned his lesson) and more concerned with what was going on around him, perhaps that is a dog to bark at?  do they have cookies?  why can't I eat asphalt? what was that? it wasn't the most fun two mile walk.  Gizzy and I explored a few new streets and tackled one of the big hills in the neighborhood.  He is quite sacked out in his bed.  Yeah, we probably over did it.

Friday - "Bike - Coventry / W. Greenwich"

Jennifer couldn't bike so I debated, ride to the beach and run the beach or try that Old Saybrook loop.  I made the wrong choice.  Foolish foolish foolish, going to Old Saybrook, a nice shore town on a Friday afternoon in the beginning of tourist season.   At least in my little beach community, I'm closer to home and used to the insanity.  This was nuts and down right scary at times.  I aborted the loop.  Seems to be happening a lot lately, quitting.  But really is it quitting?  Or is it some sort of screwed up girl logic?  In any event, not wanting to take my life in my hands with the early season tourists on some beautiful country roads up the Connecticut River after having dealt with the more upscale ones along the Long Island Sound, I packed it up and went home.  I'll go on an early morning.  Beautiful views, even it if it just the sound and not the real ocean!

The route would have taken me up the CT river, just past the state park.  Another time....

Gus was up for the first walk and he enjoyed it, so pleasant.  Gizmo, well my mother wanted me to have a child as obstinate and stubborn as I was/am.  There are things I did as an infant she seems to not want to forgive me for.  I was an infant, how was I to know she spent all that time knitting the sweaters I refused to let her put on and then once she wrestled them on me I screamed bloody murder?  

Gizmo is my stubborn one.  He has this thing about crossing the street, it isn't a real walk unless he gets to cross the street?  Dunno...    Then we have to deal with the fact he has to take a break and sit down.  These are very forced when everything just sort of gives up.  We wait, I right him, trying not to pinch any delicate parts or having him slam his head into my eye socket.  For the record, any black eyes really are because the dogs head butt me, not because Dave clobbers me.  Fortunately they only last a few days and look more like I smeared eye make up (me make up, ha!).  We got through the walk with one pretty stinging headbutt, and a few snips as his delicates and tenders got pinched. SORRY!!!

Saturday - "Bike - Alternatives Inc fundraiser - 30 miles, Blackstone Valley"

It was a great morning for a ride.  The roads were half good and half choppy.  All the climbs but the bitch of a last one had mostly perfect roads for hunkering down and flying and reaping the rewards of what felt like an endless slow pedal to the top.  Dave, well he flew up them.  Mind you he is a biker and has about 1,000 more miles on me this year and we won't even talk about elevation gain.  His passion is trail riding, not road riding. If I get him out once a month with me, I'm lucky....  

We had a nice time, all in all.   It was a decent tour of the Blackstone Valley in MA.

See that last climb and the down hill?  I didn't trust the road enough to just fly, it would have been amazingly fast.
Oh well... Hillier than I thought it would be.
The pollen is so heavy I was coated in yellow. Lots accumulated in the crooks of my arms, kinda gross.  I can't remember the pollen being so heavy.   Feels like an elephant sitting on my chest they are so full of crap.

We got home and I crashed for a two hour nap!  Dog walks on tap for the evening.

Sunday - "Volunteer at the Mystic 1/2 marathon, fingers crossed no rain..."

No rain!  I love to volunteer!  So fun seeing everyone out there!  The course is deceptively hilly (my first reason for not running) and the temps were 70F and about 80+% humidity.  Many people looked so miserable.  Kudos for them out there getting it done.  I flagged at a corner then found a nice spot to cheer.  I love to run, not so sure about this racing thing.

Took a nice bike ride to the beach to get a Del's Lemonade and enjoy the ride to and from beach before it is mobbed with tourists.

Nice and Flat!
Jax got a walk, and we got home just as the rain started.  We need the rain desperately.  Giz is considering forgiving me for no walk, not sure when I'll get the judgement.

Beth, reminiscing

Published: 5/28/15 - updated later in the day with Thursdays entry
Updated: 5/29/15 - feeling rather chatty
Final: 5/31/15


  1. Good recap. I think your hill work looks good - 1:45 per hill looks about right. It seems like most people try to run too long of hills (self included), but the shorter distances make the point with your legs and breathing, and plus don't burn you out. Man, I don't know if I could get up that early and walk three miles every day for a mental dog, ha.

    1. Thanks Jim!! When we shortened up to just the hill part and not the short lead in to the hill I really noticed a difference. The recovery time is shorter and the focus really is on keeping a steady pace up the hill. By the 10th I'm done. I may try adding in another set for a couple weeks before Mt. Washington, but really who knows if that will happen.

      Lola was something, she had to expend the energy somehow. It was either that or shredded couch cushions! Fortunately with few people on the beach I could let her off to scrub off some energy and she trusted me enough to always come when called. Plus I had bribes, never leave home without bribes.