Thursday, May 7, 2015

Three Things Thursday

One:  Lessons Learned are Lessons Earned

Wow, the world did not end because I quit a race.  But damn is it ever hard to even say that word quit.  Thanks to friends and my mother things are in perspective:

"I get that you didn't finish the mountain race. So how did you quit - turn around and go back to your car? I sure can understand needing to stop when you have had enough - I learned that the hard way. Love, Mom"
I love learning, and I learned a few more things about myself and other people as a result.  Loved the comments I got from various interactions:  topping the list:  "you're one of the guys"; "you're a strong woman"; "you're playing it smart"; "DNF = Did Not Fail"; among other things...  all very much appreciated!

Will I ever tackle those crazy bitches again? Of course, I won't be 'racing' them.  That's not my cup of tea.  I'll enjoy my runs along sane and sedate Burlingame trails, even more now!

Two: Sportsmanship is important

The mark of an athlete, to me, is how well and quickly they recover and how they treat others.  One of my work running friends finished his first 50 miler on Sunday.  Rock the Ridge in the Mohonk Preserve in NY State.  He finished 15th 8th in his age group.   Training for this over the brutal New England winter was quite the challenge for him.  I ran into him in the cafe on Monday morning, looking great and fresh, yes, a tad bit stiff.  Tuesday he was back to his usual peppy self.  I had to comment on how awesome it was he was in the right kind of shape to run the race he ran in the time he ran it for his first go at that distance.  I don't think he bothered with the intermediate 50K step!

I remember when I was training for my 50K, Eric always was right there asking questions and encouraging me.  I did the same while he was training for his 50 Miler.  The gleam of anticipation in his eye when he told me what he had committed to was memorable.

Yeah sure we all have bad days and temporary bad attitudes, they come and go.  Holding on to that glimmer of positive does draw in the grouches, I need to remember to not feed on that energy and let them suck the positive out of me. 

Three: Blather

Hmmm I don't know if I have a third thing....  Top of mind are yoga and stretching and how important they are and having yoga'd on Tuesday and slept well, I know how much my body misses it...  but I don't want to give up my Tuesday rides.  So maybe this is about prioritization and compromise?

After my run today I wound up stretching with two gals I talk to fairly often about a variety of things.  I generally keep to myself so it was odd to engage with not one but two people at the same time.  We talked about cooking and cleaning, and how there is so little time for these domestic chores.  One offered to send me the info on her house cleaner, as we live fairly near each other.  Someone to dust, vacuum, clean the bathroom and kitchen would be lovely.  At least I'd have less guilt about not doing these things as often as I should!

Cooking?  I leave that to the weekends, otherwise it is chicken on salad, boom, done.   Like I tell Dave, if you wanted a housewife you shouldn't of married me, and he seems fine with that, most of the time.  

Beth, trying this three things Thursday again.

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