Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Wordless Wednesday --- well as wordless as I can be....

Beth, Honoring the people who gave her life.

As an aside, because I REALLY have a hard time not telling a story when a story can be told!

These are my parents, Mary and Dave. 

They are standing amid 90,000 trees we planted as a family (inclusive of the friends who also joined in the adventure) over the course of 4 years.  Some lived, some didn't.  

Once upon a time the 80 acres they live on, and I grew up on (from the time I was 10), was probably a forest, it was cleared for farm land.  Mostly made up of clay, with sections of muck and sand, it drove many of the farmers who farmed it from the late 1700s, after claiming it as part of the Northwest Territory, insane, some to suicide, and others to abandon the property.  My parents began the process of reforestation in 1992.  They purchased the farm in 1977, and leased the land out for many years. 

The reforestation is made up of  conifers and deciduous.  They are in front of planting #2, deciduous.  My middle brother and his family choose their Christmas tree from the farm.

As we took walks around the farm we could see where the good dirt and / or drainage were, the trees took off, where there was bad dirt and /or bad drainage, nothing but scrub, weeds, and thistle.  

I enjoyed my walks with my parents the three days I was home for my birthday and for Mother's Day.  I think they did too.  People often ask why my husband doesn't come with.  It is completely selfish on my part.  I enjoy this time with me and my mom or me and my dad or me and my mom and dad.  These times, now, are going to last me through when they have been turned to ash and scattered across the 80 acres they call home.

My mother is approaching 8 years of living with lung cancer, surprised she is a wee little woman?  My father, the skinniest santa claus, is approaching 2 years of living with COPD. 

Life is precious, never waste a moment or a step or a breath. 


  1. Life is precious. I hope you get in many more memories with your wonderful sounding parents. I love that they are reforesting the land that made so many farmers crazy.